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   Chapter 452 Make A Breakthrough

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Austin jumped in excitement. After absorbing a significant number of fire spirit stones, he could feel that his vital energy became so powerful as if he was about to enter a new realm.

He stopped moving forward and sat cross-legged. He made the Golden Sun Scripture work on his body to enhance his eight extra meridians and improve the circulations of his vital energy.

Half an hour later, a current of vital energy force poured out from Austin's body, creating a violent blast. The air was squeezed hard and surged far away, just like waves.

The sudden burst of Austin's vital energy force cracked the ground where he sat. There were numerous rifts, in the size of arms, stretching over the whole area.

A swishing noise filled the entire area.

Austin quickly stood up and clenched his fist gently to feel the vital energy force flowing in his energy meridians. He just reached the medium stage of the Mysterious Realm!

"Master, congratulations!

You are now at the medium stage of the Mysterious Realm!"

Violet exclaimed. She noticed that Austin became more powerful.

"Well, the Fire Valley did bring lots of surprises to me."

"But master, do you still want to go deep into the Fire Valley? I have discovered that the fire beasts we met here just now were of level four or five.

If we continue to go deep into it, I guess we will meet demonic beasts of level six or even seven."

Violet explained, a bit worried about Austin's plan.

A sixth-level demonic beast was equal to a warrior at the preliminary stage of the Mysterious Realm. Austin was at the medium stage of the Mysterious Realm, and his fighting capacity was undeniably great.

But, deeper into the Fire Valley laid many fire beasts of higher levels.

Once they encountered hundreds or even thousands of fire beasts, it would be tough for Austin to defeat all of them.

There may even be innumerable fire beasts of level seven at the end of the Fire Valley.

A level seven demonic beast was equal to a warrior at the medium stage or even the premium stage of the Mysterious Realm.

Austin now was only at the medium stage of the Mysterious Realm. He wasn't capable of overcoming a significant number of higher level beasts. Death might be waiting for him deeper into the valley.

It was not only Violet's worry but also Austin's.

Thinking about it seriously, Austin made a decision.

"Don't overthink. Let's move forward for one hundred to two hundred meters more.

If we meet the demonic beasts we can't deal with, we will immediately retreat. Although I can't defeat demonic beasts of higher levels and continue to go deeper into the valley, it is still possible for me to safely get out of there."

Ending his words, Austin immediately moved deeper into the Fire Valley as quickly as lightning.

One step forward and he got 200 meters deeper.

In the next moment, many fire beasts appeared in front of him.

They showed up in the scorching flames like coming from nowhere.

Most of them were level five.

Several of them were even level six.

There were hundreds of fire beasts.

Facing so many beasts of high levels, Austin felt quite stressed, and his fac

ital energy.

Iris then took out the fire spirit stones she got and put them on the ground. She counted and found that there were more than fifty in total. That was to say that she had killed more than fifty fire beasts.

"Wow, Iris, you are excellent. You have killed so many fire beasts," said Anna, staring at the stones with her mouth agape.

She also took out the fire spirit stones she got. There were only more than twenty stones, and they were tiny as a finger.

"I only got a handful of fire spirit stones."

"Well, it seems that we have a small harvest. I am wondering if those fire spirit stones are enough to treat our master.

But all in all, we have tried our best."

Iris shook her head. Apparently, she wasn't satisfied with the result.

But she also knew that it was the best for them. If they went deeper into the Fire Valley, they might end up being killed.

Iris stared at the Fire Valley.

"Is Austin still safe? What has happened to him? Why hasn't he come out yet after going into it for such a long time? I am worried about him."

"Iris, what should we do? Should we still wait for Austin here?"

asked Anna.

"I think we can wait for him here a little longer. I am hoping that he could come out of the Fire Valley alive and kicking.

If he's still not back after a day, he may be dead.

If that happens, then it is time for us to leave.

We shouldn't have asked him to come here with us. We dragged him into a dangerous situation, and I feel sorry for him."

Iris was full of regret and agony.

All of a sudden, Anna saw a shadow of a man.


Iris, look there. It seems that someone is rushing out from the Fire Valley!"

Anna shouted in great excitement.

"It is true. It is Austin!"

Both Iris and Anna stood up and stared at Austin, who was running out from the Fire Valley.

"Well, don't worry about me! I am safe."

Through his spiritual sense, Austin could feel what was going on within 6000 meters. Just now, he had clearly heard what Iris and Anna were talking about, and he felt thankful knowing that they were worried about him.

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