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   Chapter 451 Going Deeper Into The Fire Valley

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After walking for a while in the Fire Valley, Austin felt something amiss.

Suddenly, an endless number of flames appeared and transformed into fire beasts in various shapes and sizes.

As he saw them, Austin's blood went cold.

It wasn't that Austin had walked into a blind alley. Before coming here, Iris had briefly told him about this place.

Iris had told him that a grand master of her in the Pure Dream Convent had gone about a thousand meters into the valley a hundred years ago. In that distance, she had encountered only a few dozens of fire beasts.

Austin wondered why there was an increase. The number he saw was far too many.

And that too, when he had just walked about seven hundred meters into the valley. He had a hunch that about more than a thousand fire beasts might be lurking further deeper into the place.

Gazing at the fire beasts, he sensed that a number of them had the adeptness of a level five demonic beast.

'Damn it! It seems after a hundred years, the number of fire beasts in the valley has increased tremendously. This is not at all what Iris' grand master said, ' he thought.

But this was no time for rumination. The fire beasts hissed and flared at Austin as he got surrounded by them on all sides.

Ready for combat, Austin began to probe all the fire beasts with his spiritual sense.

Austin was in luck. Thankfully, most fire beasts, although many in number, only had a third or fourth level demonic beast competence. In fact, level four was truly a rarity among them.

To draw a comparison, a level three demonic beast's capabilities were similar to a level eight or nine of the Energy Gathering Realm of a human. The prowess of a level four demonic beast was like of a human's at the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm, and a level five demonic beast's competence could be translated as a medium or premium stage of the Earth Realm of a human.

It wasn't that Austin wasn't shaken up but knowing that he stood a chance against these beasts helped him relax. All it would take to go through the valley was enough vital energy. And anticipating dangers such as this, he had stored a huge amount in his vital energy stone located in his belly.

"Master, do you need my help?"

Violet's voice rang out in his mind.

When he entered the Mysterious Nether World, Austin had brought Violet's Illusion Bead with him. Violet and the gnome were all hid there.

To avoid attracting attention, Austin hadn't asked Violet to show up till now.

In the Prime Martial World, human and demonic beasts were irreconcilable, and they would kill each other when they met.

Although Violet was in the Illusion Bead, she too could feel the outside world with her spiritual sense.

And of course, she got to know that Austin was surrounded by countless fire beasts, which was why she reached out to him, ready to come out from the Illusion Bead to help any minute.

"That isn't necessary, Violet. Although there are a lot of fire beasts, they are just at level three or four in competence. I know I can beat them.

Also, I think that there are a huge number of fire beasts lurking around. I have just walked seven or eight hundred meters into the valley and I met this many. I'm sure there will be more o

ne energy?

I came to the Mysterious Nether World for good cultivation resources. And this is what the fire spirit stones will do. They will help me make my breakthrough very easily.'

The shadow of doubt in Austin's mind about the distance he'd be able to cover of the valley was now dispelled. He was eager to tread through as much area as possible, hungry for the spirit stones that were helping him.

Without any hesitation, he moved forward two hundred meters in a single stride.

As he stopped, again countless flames rose up from the ground. They transformed into fascinating beasts and creatures all hurtling themselves at the intruder.

In a flash, it dawned upon Austin. These fire beasts were far more powerful than last he fought! They were growing stronger as he went deeper.

His hunch was correct then.

But on the flip side, as his light ball had taken in a huge amount of masculine energy, his vital energy cultivation base too had improved significantly.

In short, the more fire beasts he killed, the more confident he got. This certainly buoyed up Austin's spirits.

Another reason why Austin was happier was that as he fought the fire beasts, his dexterity with the level one sword potential was getting better.

An overwhelming sword aura rolled around him as he gashed level one, two and three fire beasts before they could come within an arm's distance of him.

Austin kept on going further into the valley, hungry and greedy to improve his vital energy cultivation base and actual combat experience. . .

Every once in a while, he stopped to rest, so that he could gather all that he had learned in these experiences.

And again, Austin moved ahead to fight a new crop of fire beasts.

Several hours later, Austin had walked two thousand meters into the Fire Valley.

Now the light ball in his belly was double in size, and it was as big as the heads of two adults. A robust masculine energy waved creating a strong buzzing sound.

And then, Austin felt something extraordinary. His energy meridians felt a little hemp and itchy, as if innumerable ants were creeping inside.

This was a sign of breakthrough!

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