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   Chapter 450 The Secret Of The Fire Valley

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"Austin, how about joining us? With these notes recorded by the ancestor of the Pure Dream Convent, we know several places in the first circle that have precious medicinal materials.

However, they are being guarded by powerful demonic and diabolic beasts. The two of us won't be able to defeat them.

But with your help, we can get all the medicinal materials and divide them equally. What do you think?"

the older woman of the Pure Dream Convent suggested with a hopeful expression on her face.

"Well, you might be right. But let me think about it," Austin said. After a moment's pause, he nodded his head in agreement.

"All right, then. I think that's just fair."

'I don't know where to look for the treasures without the map of the Mysterious Nether World. Since they have their ancestor's notes to guide them, I'd better go with them. That way, I can find more treasures, ' he thought.

"Really? That's great!

I'm Iris Huang, by the way.

And this is Anna Zhang," said the older woman cheerfully.

"Nice to meet you, Iris, Anna!"

Austin had a good impression of them and was willing to make friends with them. He could tell from their words and deeds that they were both good people.

He also heard that the Pure Dream Convent ranked middle among the sects of Violet Orchid Empire. Strange enough, the members of the sect were all women.

Iris Huang and Anna Zhang were thrilled when Austin agreed to their suggestion. They knew that he was a strong cultivator after witnessing his battles in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games. With his help, they could deal with those demonic and diabolic beasts guarding the medicinal materials.

"But first, we need to go to the Fire Valley.

Austin, I must tell you that there is a kind of strange demonic beast in the Fire Valley called fire beast.

Its body contains a kind of crystal named fire spirit stone.

This fire spirit stone has an intense masculine energy that can drive away feminine energy.

To be honest with you, the only reason why we took part in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games is to get in the Mysterious Nether World to find the fire spirit stones.

Our master was hurt by an enemy using some feminine martial arts skill ten years old. The feminine energy has affected her internal organs.

We need the fire spirit stones to drive out the feminine energy from her body. That is the only way she can get better.

Only with your help can we get those fire spirit stones," Iris Huang said honestly.

'Fire beast? Fire spirit stone?

I've never heard of them before.

If she's telling the truth, then the masculine energy in the fire spirit stones can help me cultivate the Golden Sun Scripture, ' Austin thought to himself.

"Are fire beasts very powerful?"

he asked curiously.

"According to our ancestor's notes, the fire beasts evolve.

The weakest fire beast is equivalent to a level 1 demonic beast, while the strongest one is equivalent to a level 5 demonic beast.

But there could be more. The farthest she had gone into the Fire Valley was only less than two miles.

We don't know whether there are more powerful fire beasts in the depths of the Fire Valley.

Austin, we don't need to get deeper into the Fire Valley. There are fi

en they showed themselves, one could expect a fatal attack to ensue.

Austin didn't waste any time and killed one of the four level 4 fire beasts.

He then got a fire spirit stone of the size of a pigeon's egg.

It was much bigger than the previous one and Austin guessed that it must contain much energy.

Thrilled by his new fire spirit stone, Austin immediately put it into his Space Ring.

As he moved further into the Fire Valley, Austin kept scanning the areas around him in case powerful fire beasts would launch a sneak attack.

He noticed that the topography was rather strange here. The valley was surrounded by mountains on all sides, looking like a giant pit and it had no trees at all. The valley was so big with seemingly no end in sight. Gullies crisscrossed the whole valley and appeared to be bottomless. The two women couldn't help but shiver at the sight.

However, Austin didn't pay too much attention to it and kept moving.

But suddenly, his facial expression changed. In a moment, he immediately got out of the way.

With his spiritual sense, he sensed an abnormal energy fluctuation in the area. He was familiar with this kind of energy fluctuation—a sign that a fire beast was about to appear and attack.

As he expected, several fire beasts of different looks and levels appeared at the position where he had just been.

He ignored them and was about to leave when the energy fluctuation came again aiming at where he was standing right now. 'Why are there so many fire beasts?' he thought.

With a frown, he changed his location again.

Before he could even settle into his new position, another energy fluctuation happened. It started to frustrate Austin.

Meanwhile, the whole valley seemed to start boiling. The energy in the air became unstable. And suddenly, streaks of fires flew out from the gullies and changed into fire beasts of different shapes.

There were so many streaks of flames coming out of the gullies and turning into fire beasts. And Austin could see more flames further away.

His facial expression changed dramatically.

'Something is not right!

Is this the fire beasts tide?' he wondered.

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