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   Chapter 449 The Sarira Mysterious Fruits (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6063

Updated: 2019-07-13 00:03

What was remarkable was that all of this took place in the span of ten seconds.

The two nuns gasped at what was unfolding in front of them.

Moments ago, they were struggling to survive against the five crocodiles. They were in a perilous position and were on the verge of dying.

But Austin had arrived. He had averted the crisis in a heartbeat. And it all seemed too easy for him. It was all very unreal.

They sighed. The difference between them was tremendous.

The two girls seemed familiar to Austin. Austin then had the recollection that he had met them in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games. They were most definitely the winners that had entered the top 50.

But that was all he knew about them. He didn't quite know them well, and had never talked to them before. It was only a spur of the moment decision that he had saved them.

After he killed the five crocodiles, he glanced at them to make sure that they were safe. Satisfied, he turned around and began to walk away from them.

"Austin! Wait!"

Seeing Austin leaving, the elder nun called out.

"Oh? What's up?"

Austin paused and asked him.

"Since you killed the five crocodiles, the elixir they guarded rightfully belongs to you."

"Oh? They were guarding an elixir?"

Austin was dumbfounded.

Austin's confused look made the elder nun realize that he knew nothing about the elixir.

"Austin, you may not know but the first and second circle of the Mysterious Nether World have a lot of precious elixirs spread around. However, each of them is protected by some demonic or diabolic beasts.

That means, every time you see a demonic beast or a diabolic beast, there is a certain kind of elixir around that is under the protection.

If the warriors who have entered the Mysterious Nether World wan

The two nuns marveled at Austin's bodily movement skill. They saw him whoosh away and come back all in a microsecond.

Seeing that he had taken the three fruits in his hands, their eyes glinted with envy.

But they also knew that if it were not for Austin, they would have been dead by now.

The three fruits should belong to Austin.

"Here, take the fruits. One for each of us. We'll share them."

Austin had surprised the nuns. He put one of the fruits into his Space Ring, and then he handed the remaining two to the two nuns.

"Austin, no. We can't take them.

It's you who killed the five crocodiles. More importantly, you saved our lives. You should take all the three fruits."

The nuns waved away his offer. They didn't deserve it.

"Take them. If you hadn't told me about the fruits, I would not have got them in the first place. Even if I killed the crocodiles, I would have got nothing without your help.

Moreover, you fought hard for the fruits and almost lost your lives for them. Take them!"

Austin was adamant.

Hearing this, the nuns were overjoyed. They thanked him multiple times and put away the two sarira mysterious fruits into their pockets.

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