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   Chapter 448 The Sarira Mysterious Fruits (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6239

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Austin came across two Taoist nuns who were surrounded by five crocodiles.

The five crocodiles were all fifth level demonic beasts. They snarled their teeth and viciously moved about their tails that looked like they could hurt as hard as a mace made from steel. They roared, howled and attacked the nuns with an intent to kill.

Austin observed the two nuns. The elder one seemed to be at the premium stage of Earth Realm, and the younger one's cultivation base was at the medium stage of Earth Realm.

As far as Austin knew, a fifth level demonic beast's strength was equivalent to that of a human at the medium stage or premium stage of the Earth Realm.

What made things worse was that all the five crocodiles attacked the two together. At the moment, the two nuns were completely at a disadvantage. Their lives were at peril. The younger one who looked around seventeen years old was hit on the shoulder by the tail of a crocodile. Her skin flayed open and her flesh tore apart as blood began to ooze out from the wound.

Her clothes were shattered by the hit, revealing her fair-skinned slender right arm. Her delicate petite body was almost laid bare when a breeze swept past her.

"Sister! I can't hold on for another second. I won't be able to get out. It's best that you leave me behind! You go first!" cried the young girl.

The elder nun was still fighting fiercely to block the crocodiles' attacks. Her cultivation base of vital energy and strength was solid and she was capable in protecting herself for now.

Besides, she was quite agile in moving about herself. She leaped left and right and managed to dodge the crocodiles deftly. The crocodiles were getting frustrated after missing her by a hair's breadth. Eventually, she managed to successfully block three of them.

Although she was still on the verge of losing, she belie

Dealing with fifth level demonic beasts was a piece of cake for Austin. He was strong enough to deal with them at one go.

He enabled his bodily movement skill and kept dodging the attacks from the four crocodiles waiting for an opportunity to strike. Then he rushed towards one of the crocodiles, his speed as fast as lightning.

Seeing that Austin suddenly appeared in front of it, the crocodile didn't back down but attacked him. It pressed hard on the ground with its forefeet, and then using its other two feet hoisted himself upwards. It leapt into the air and directed itself towards Austin to crush him.

Austin didn't dodge. He threw a punch in the air. The great force which weighed thirty thousand pounds formed a small cyclone in the air and whirled around his palm, the wind crackling with fury and power.


The punch hit the crocodile right on its forehead!


The crocodile's upper jaw was smashed to pieces. Its face was entirely mangled. Its huge body bounced away like a stone. It toppled towards the marsh a few meters away and settled there.



Austin repeated this attack to send the other three crocodiles towards the marsh, almost as if he was throwing stones.

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