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   Chapter 447 Getting Rid Of A Tide Of Bees

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Thousands of these bees were now flooding towards Austin. He could tell from their heads that these were a kind of demonic bees known as the human head demonic bees.

Even though he was running, he observed them carefully and saw that all the bees were colorful. For a time, the sky seemed to be covered by various shivering colors, which actually looked very beautiful. However, it was a sinister kind of beautiful.

Each of the bees had a body as big as an adult bulldog, and a human face on their heads.

There was everything on that face, including eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and every feature a human face had. Thrown together with the bee body, it looked strange and weird. They wore their hair loose like ferocious ghosts and even a casual glance at them would have made people freak out so hard that they would fall down.

A demonic and reddish energy luster seemed to surround these bees.

And their dazzling colors carried a dangerous and murderous aroma. Suddenly, all the bees began to laugh as their mouths opened wide, exposing their sharp teeth. It looked like they could even eat people.

"Damn it! These are demonic beasts! I've read about such kind of human head demonic bees evolving with a human face in several books, but I had never seen real ones. And I am sure I don't want to repeat this experience. Unfortunately, I met them as soon as I entered the Mysterious Nether World.

These are level 4 demonic beasts, and a single one of them would have been no threat to me. But the trouble is that they live in hives just like normal bees. There are at least thousands of them in front of me now. It's too many!

Quantitative changes will turn into a qualitative change. Who will have the nerve to provoke these thousands of level 4 demonic beasts?"

Austin sighed secretly, thinking that he was indeed unlucky this time. This valley must be the bee's territory, and it was really unlucky that he had been sent here.

He was anxious and his heart was beating faster and faster now.

Thousands of human head demonic bees were swarming towards him, obscuring the sky and the mountains. They were like a tide, about to devour him like a sandcastle.

If Austin really did fall prey to them, even his bones would be eaten by them in an instant.


He discovered that he had arrived at a grassland.

He continued to move forward on this grassland, because he no longer wished to go back to the valley. There were plenty of dangers in there and he preferred life.

He could only cross the grassland, and then make any further plans.

The grass here was so lush that it could easily submerge an average human's waist.

Having walked for about fifteen minutes, he suddenly heard the sounds of a fight coming from ahead.

Activating his spiritual sense power, he saw there was an everglade in front of him where two girls, dressed like Taoist nuns, were surrounded by five huge crocodiles.

These were level 5 demonic beasts and had opened their mouths wide, revealing their saw-like teeth. They were trying to trap the two girls.

The elder one of the two girls was dressed in blue, and looked like she was around 24 years old.

The other one was only 18 years old, and was wearing a pink robe.

They also possessed a certain type of beauty, and were more good-looking than a majority of females.

The strength of the elder one was at the premium stage of the Earth Realm, and the other one was at the medium stage of the Earth Realm.

Trapped in the fierce siege of the five crocodiles, they were both trying their best to brace themselves and fight for survival.

The 18-year-old girl had already panicked and was trying to save herself with disordered moves. She was about to be swallowed by one of the crocodiles.

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