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   Chapter 446 Human Head Demonic Bees

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After entering the Mysterious Nether World, Austin found himself in a beautiful valley.

With his spiritual sense, he could see clearly what was happening within a distance of 6000 meters.

He had entered the Mysterious Nether World with other 99 young cultivators, but now he didn't see anyone. They had been transferred to different places.

Technically, Dewey, Maria, and he himself had stepped through the portal all at the same time. He had thought that they would be transferred to the same place and would be together, but he was wrong.

It looked like he was the only one in this valley.

So that was the case. The portal would have transported everyone to a different place.

"Seems like this is the Mysterious Nether World. Emperor Arthur said that it was created by a cultivator at the Emperor Realm. That is extremely powerful.

But since it's a micro world, I guess I can compare it to the Prime Martial World in all aspects except for its size," he murmured.

Actually, Austin himself was an earthly being, but somehow, his soul had passed through space and come to the Prime Martial World. After he had experienced that, it wasn't hard for him to accept the existence of such a world.

Back on earth, there was a saying in Buddhist ethics that mentioned something about "three thousand macro worlds."

Ever since he had been to the Prime Martial World, Austin had understood its meaning and now believed that the saying was true. There were indeed several different worlds.

"What should I do next? Look for treasures?" he asked himself.

Then it hit his memory that Emperor Arthur had given each of them a booklet before they had come here.

He took it out from his Space Ring and read it carefully.

The booklet gave him some idea of the structure of the Mysterious Nether World.

It was divided into three different circles.

The first circle was the outer circle and perhaps the safest one. Austin and the other cultivators had all been transferred to the first circle.

It was the largest part of the Mysterious Nether World, and only level 4 and level 5 demonic and diabolic beasts were found in this place. So one could say that it was relatively safe.

The second circle, which was also the middle circle, was occupied by numerous level 6 and level 7 demonic and diabolic beasts, and it was far more dangerous in there.

The third circle was the inner circle of the Mysterious Nether World. No one knew what was in there. Emperor Arthur had sent numerous young cultivators to the

think the Blood Wolf Team would go on the decline once you killed Abbott?

Not a chance! You don't even know that our real boss is Blood Wolf Ancestor and not Abbott.

Before I came here, Blood Wolf Ancestor gave me the strongest weapon of the Blood Wolf Team. Austin, you better pray for yourself. No matter how strong you are, I can kill you with that weapon."

This man was none other than Wilson of the Blood Wolf Team. . . .

Austin was slowly walking off the valley.

On both sides of the road lay colorful flowers. He didn't know what kinds of flowers they were, but he liked them since they filled the air with a sweet fragrance and also looked colorful.

He was relaxed at first when he smelled the fragrance, but very soon, his face changed dramatically. The smell became more and more dense, and he could even see it with his own eyes.

He suddenly had a bad feeling, so he started to move rapidly towards the exit of the valley with his bodily movement skill. Somehow, the valley felt rather dangerous now.

Buzz... Buzz...

All of a sudden, numerous bees buzzed loudly in all directions.

Austin raised his eyes and saw countless bees coming from everywhere—they were coming out from behind tress and out of bushes and grasses. There were so many of them that they even blotted out the sky and covered the sun. They all charged at Austin at a very high speed.

A cold shiver ran down his spine and he felt goosebumps all over his body.

"Damn it! Human head demonic bees! I never expected that they would exist in this world. Holy crap!

This is gonna be a disaster if I stay here. I better figure out a way to evade them as soon as possible."

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