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   Chapter 445 Austin Enters the Mysterious Nether World!

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8256

Updated: 2019-07-12 01:00

In the very center of the square, an altar was situated which was built of pure superior vital energy crystals, and multiple arrays were arranged on it. The power was so much that the very fabric of space time seemed to circulate repeatedly on those arrays.

Austin was mingling with the crowd, and had also received a thin booklet, which he guessed was a detailed description of the Mysterious Nether World. With all due respect, a thin booklet could hardly detail a world whose very name was mysterious.

Nonetheless, Austin followed the procession towards the altar.

The altar was large and the power of space and time that surrounded it as well as its totem poles seemed to give it a primitive look. People felt almost as if they were in a dream, and could not differentiate reality from illusion.

Very soon, the entire procession of a hundred people stood on the altar.

Other than these cultivators, there were also several other people of importance who had gathered around the altar already. They were led by the emperor and were excitedly waiting for the moment when the Mysterious Nether World opened!

"Austin!" Dewey shouted out from a distance.

The next moment, he had rushed to his friend's side. They hadn't been able to meet each other for a long time now.

Austin had won the first place in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games, so everyone knew his name now. When Dewey called Austin, everyone on the altar turned their heads to look at him.

Among these people, some admired Austin deeply, some were envious of his talents, while some were outright malicious at him.

"Austin, I heard the emperor say that there is a lot of danger inside the Mysterious Nether World. Please help me when we get inside."

Dewey asked for help unashamedly.

"Hi Austin." Maria also greeted him warm-heartedly.

She also came over to him and stood beside him.

Together, these three people were contesting on behalf of Prince Reuben, so in essence, they were on the same side.

However, Philip was standing far away from Austin. And when he saw Maria go and stand beside Austin, he became even more jealous.

Philip had long been fond of Maria, but she had always been very lukewarm to him.

On the other hand, ever since Austin had showed up, she had always showed affection towards him, which made Philip very jealous.

"Austin! You bastard! I will kill you!"

Someone shouted from the other side of the altar in a f

ctant at the same time.

Following the young warriors, Austin stepped up the light pillar staircase too and reached the huge portal.

After a moment of hesitation, he raised his foot and went inside.

The other young warriors also rushed inside when they saw the champion enter the portal.

As soon as Austin was through the burst of light from the portal, he felt light all over. Then he felt dizzy, which seemed to last either for a very short time or a very long time.

When he regained his senses, he found that he was standing at some special place.

It looked like a valley, surrounded by various kinds of mountains.

The sun was shining, and the flowers were in full bloom. The mountains were covered with green grass and rivers flew here and there merrily. There was a delicate fragrance floating around in the air, and numerous beautiful butterflies were dancing around too.

It was a very beautiful place.

"Wow! I never expected that the Mysterious Nether World would be so beautiful.

The great man who created it must have been amazingly powerful. I can't believe he used his own power to create such a world.

The earth, air, water, mountains and everything else in it feel real." Austin told himself curiously.

He looked around, and could not help praising the great man. He really admired the creator of this place for his talented work.

Suddenly, it dawned on Austin that there was no one here except him.

The entire procession of young warriors had walked through the portal together. But now, he was alone. He wondered if the portal had distributed people to different places.

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