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   Chapter 444 A Cultivator In The Emperor Realm

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Standing on the huge square in the back garden of the imperial palace, everyone was listening intently to the emperor as he announced the opening of the Mysterious Nether World.

It was the first time the Mysterious Nether World was revealed to the public. In the past, only royals had been able to enter it.

Therefore, there had been no knowledge on the world. Basically no one from any sect within the realm of the Violet Orchid Empire had access to it.

"In just thirty minutes, the world will become accessible to all. Firstly, for those of you lucky enough to enter it, I'd like to prepare you for your upcoming adventure. I am very pleased to have all of you not lost in it."

Silence filled the air. None of them, especially the 100 young warriors who were about to start their new journey, wanted to miss any word. After a pause the emperor continued slowly.

"Warriors, the Mysterious Nether World is a unique, micro world. It was created from the void by a cultivator in the Emperor Realm who possessed superhuman divine power.

It is believed that the creator of the Mysterious Nether World had a cultivation base in the Emperor Realm."

"Alas! A micro world created by a cultivator in the Emperor Realm!"

Everyone became amazed with their eyes open wide, jaws dropped.

Surprise and yearning were written all over their faces.

"The Emperor Realm? What kind of realm is that?"

Many warriors whispered this question amongst themselves, in complete shock. They had no idea what kind of cultivation base was corresponded to the Emperor Realm.

"OK, I am sure that you all want to figure out what kind of cultivation base is in the Emperor Realm.

It's a pity that even I do not have answers for you.

As far as I am educated, there is an Energy Gathering Realm, Earth Realm, Mysterious Realm, Sky Realm, Imperial Realm, each realm is one level higher than the previous one.

It is believed that a vital energy realm called the Basic Sacred Realm is still above the Imperial Realm.

As of now, the Basic S

op priority for you. Treasure means nothing to you if you are dead."

Everyone gasped. Hearing the dangers lurking around in the Mysterious Nether World was yet another shock. Many became fearful and doubtful of their desires. A tiny minority of them who were weak and timid even began to regret their decisions of coming here, it was not worth their lives for the so-called treasure.

"Despite the inevitable dangers in the Mysterious Nether World, you may also find your own vital energy and treasure to help you advance by leaps and bounds in your cultivation base!

You will learn more than you could ever imagine and you will gain incredible skills and become very prosperous. This experience will change life as you know it!

So stand up and find the courage to fight!"

The emperor's words were extremely motivational.

Suddenly, the warriors became excited again.

"Listen up. I have prepared 100 copies of an informational booklet that describes the Mysterious Nether World for all of you. I hope you can read it carefully and prepare yourselves accordingly.

It is now time to open the Mysterious Nether World.

Our 100 young warriors, please line up to receive your booklet.

After receiving it, please walk over and stand on the altar."

One by one, they lined up, got their booklets, and walked with pride to the altar.

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