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   Chapter 443 Mysterious Nether World Opened

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After Austin considered the breadth and depth of his martial training, he decided to start by practicing his sword skills in the thirteen days before the Mysterious Nether World opened. As he had obtained his three masters' three learning notes about the cultivation of sword skills, he decided to learn it carefully and in detail.

The second skill he planned to improve was his Spiritual Sense Flying Needle. As his spiritual sense force became strong enough, he would be able to practice the tricky third stage of the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle.

The third thing he decided upon was that he should store vital energy in the vital energy stone as much as possible. Up to now, it was his most important trump card. The vital energy stone could let Austin recover at any time with the constant stream of vital energy, so he needed not worry about using up all of his vital energy.

... ...

After devising this plan, Austin shut himself in the secret cultivation room and started to carry it out.

First, Austin started to improve his Spiritual Sense Flying Needle to the third stage, the stage that would allow him to simultaneously control and direct as many as ten Spiritual Sense Flying Needles!

Austin sat on his crossed feet, centered himself with one slow breath and turned his awareness inwards.

His mind was stretching into his Soul Sea following the method recorded in the scripture to extract the small amount of his spiritual sense and started to forge it into a Spiritual Sense Flying Needle.

With such an instinctual connection to his spiritual sense force, Austin did all of this as if it were no less natural than breathing.

Two days later, Austin was able to direct ten Spiritual Sense Flying Needles to fly around him in lazy circles. He could now control them as if they were as much an extension of his own will as his ten fingers.

He had not merely learned the third stage and he had mastered it in record time!

Austin heaved a sigh of exhilaration, then drew the Spiritual Sense Flying Needles back into his Soul Sea.

Then, Austin took out his sacred sword to practice his Illusory Swordsmanship. At the same time, he was revising his level one sword potential.

Inside the secret cultivation room, the sword-light flashed and the sword aura roared like a mighty river.

Austin held his sword in one hand and a scroll in the other hand. He sometimes read the scroll carefully, sometimes indulged himself in deep thought and at rare but blessed moments, he successfully learned something new and became excited and giddy with joy.

The three scrolls were gifts from his three masters. Whenever he had a problem when practicing sword skills, he would take out the scrolls and study them. He had learned so much from their papery voices!

Three days later in the secret cultivation room, Austin waved his sword once, and more than sixty swor

were many people standing behind the emperor, including the queen, princes, princesses and all of the imperial concubines. All of them looked very serious and were very formally attired.

Apparently, it was a big event for the royal family to open the Mysterious Nether World. Each of them took it seriously.

Austin's gaze swept around the square.

All the leaders of the five large sects had shown up. In addition, many elders of the sects also came, together with their disciples and they stood in different places, forming several groups.

Austin did not see Jaime Luo among the crowd of the Sun Sect. He must have stayed in the Sun Mountain to oversee it instead of the leader.

Austin had killed Braxton Luo and had become a sworn enemy of Jaime. They would solve this problem sooner or later.

There were the leaders and elders of other sects in the square.

They came here because amongst the 50 young cultivators who qualified to enter the Mysterious Nether World, there were also some disciples from their sects, besides the ones from the five large sects.

So besides the five large sects, more than half of all the other sects, which were also powerful, had gathered here in the square.

Around the square, there were thousands of soldiers in armor and armed with Heaven's Halberds. They were standing around the area and formed up in squares. They were full of killing intent and seemed ready to enter battle at any moment.

These soldiers' responsibility was to maintain the gathering place in good order.

After an hour, the emperor started to speak slowly.

"Everybody, today is an important day for our empire.

The Mysterious Nether World will be opened today!"

The emperor spoke with great authority, like a clap of thunder appeared in the sky above the square. The noisy square became quiet in a second and even the sound of a falling needle could be heard at that moment.

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