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   Chapter 442 The Engagement

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When Ivy realized that Austin had finally changed his attitude, she was overjoyed.

She was on cloud nine, and couldn't help but take Austin's hands in her own.

"You... Don't you think it has happened all too quickly?"

she asked while lowering her head, avoiding Austin's eyes. Her cheeks flushed scarlet. Compared to Sue, Ivy was more mature and reserved in her manners.

"Well. To be frank with you, you are both exceedingly beautiful. I have never seen any women who are more pretty than you. And I feel lucky to be favored by you ladies.

But before we commit to each other, I have to be honesty with you. I have set my mind to pursue martial arts for the rest of my life. I have made a promise to myself as well as God that I will plough forward through any difficulties that arise and advance determinedly to reach the summit of martial arts.

I'm not the kind of man good at dating or pleasing women. Hell, I have never even thought of getting married or having children so far. All my life up until now has been spent in the pursuit of martial arts, and I will continue to do so. Only when I conquer the peak, will I be able to consider that I have not lived in vain.

So fair warning: if you marry me, I'm afraid that I won't have much time attending to you after marriage. Because I will be focusing on practicing most of the time. That means more often than not, I will have to go to nearby cities to toughen myself and to promote my strength.

My primary concern right now is whether you will be able to bear such a monotonous life after this marriage."

Austin finished. He had clearly given it a lot of thought. He definitely didn't want theirs to be a miserable marriage that brought both of them nothing but sadness.

"Austin, don't worry. We will not make you feel burdened or troubled with love. We're not love-struck idiots who always tend to be sulky. We know what we're getting into.

Instead, we will always stand by your side, support you, encourage you and make you a better person and a warrior. We swear that we won't become a headache for you.

Moreover, both of us come from a martial arts family which has been practicing for generations. The two of us are martial arts practitioners too and we have our own ambitions to achieve greatness. It would be beneficial for the both of us if you can offer some guidance along the way, so that we can improve ourselves and forge our own path.

All in all, if you marry us, we will only support what you want to do and what you aspire to be. There is no way that we will become a burden for you."

Ivy had seen through what was on Austin's mind. So she had mustered up courage and tried to clear away any doubts. She was still blushing when she expressed herself.

Truthfully, these two girls were indeed rare beauties. And any man would be infatuated with them once he saw the two girls. They too would be desperate to have the two girls. Austin was a hot-blooded young man, and he was no exception when it came to love. The ladies seemed determined to marry him. He dispelled all his misgivings and said passionately, "Haha! Okay, I get it. You l

mmary of his strength and skills for his own reference.

His spiritual sense power could reach as far as six kilometers. His Spiritual Sense Flying Needle had reached the second level and he was able to shoot as well as control five flying needles each time.

For the Wind-commanding Skill, he had entered the third step of this skill--Using the Wind. He could cover 200 meters in a stride.

He had mastered the third stage of the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill and was able to condense a nine-layered pagoda. Besides that, as long as he had enough vital energy stored in the vital energy stone in his elixir field, he was able to create multiple pagodas at the same time.

So far, his skill to condense multiple Grand Pagodas was one of his trump cards. It was also the skill which had helped him to kill Abbott, the leader of the Blood Wolf Team.

In regard to swordsmanship, he had comprehended level one sword potential and mastered the fourth grade swordsmanship, Illusory Swordsmanship and reached the level of expertise that he was able to shoot over thirty rays of sword-light in one strike.

The Golden Sun Scripture was a kind of skill to cultivate energy. He assumed that it must be a high grade skill. However, that was all that he knew about this skill and had minimal practical experience.

The luminous ball in his elixir field had grown to a size equivalent to the head of a grown-up. And the vital energy exuded from it was multiple times more powerful than that from the warriors who were at the same level as him.

When it came to corporeal strength, he had entered the fifth stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula. Plus, his body was bolstered by the drops of Ancient Magic Liquid, and he could now throw a punch that weighed thirty thousand pounds. The magical power was destructive.

His corporeal body became stronger and firmer, and was able to resist heavier damage. He supposed that he would not be affected at all if he suffered a blow from a common Earth Realm warrior.

This was the summary Austin made of his skills and his strengths.

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