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   Chapter 441 Is That A Yes Or A No (Part Two)

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"Ahem... Hello ladies, sorry to interrupt you," a mid-aged man got into the house and greeted them.

Both ladies were startled. They were surprised to see a man standing by their door without their knowledge. They fixed themselves properly then stood firmly.

"Not at all. But Mike, pardon me for asking. Are you eavesdropping on us?" Sue asked. She felt awkward and embarrassed that Mike might have heard what she just said about Austin.

"Ladies, there's nothing new about what I heard today. I already know that you both adored Austin.

He's truly excellent, so it's just natural that you develop such feelings for him. I believe he is the right man for you to marry.

I think I can also talk to him about it.

So do you have anything that you need me to tell him?"

Mike had looked after Ivy and Sue since they were little girls. They were like daughters to him. Being the adoptive father to these young ladies, he, of course, had the right to know what his adopted daughters thought.

"Mike, don't you think it's a little embarrassing if you talk about us directly to him?" Sue asked. She covered her face again to hide the embarrassment.

She was pleased to know that Mike thought of Austin as her rightful husband. But the thought of Mike talking about them to Austin made her feel a little awkward.

"Mike, you know that Austin saved us twice.

We see him as our savior and hero.

And you know that Sue and I liked him. We're both willing to marry him, but we can't ask him ourselves.

So, it will be appreciated if you can ask him for us," Ivy couldn't help telling Mike what she thought. There was no need for them to hide anything from him especially their feelings for Austin.

"Easy as peas. Sure, I'm going to ask him what he thinks.

But I bet you, he won't refuse to marry any of you two. It'll be stupid for h

beautiful and elegant, and he was just a beggar. It was impossible for him to marry any of them.

It felt like a dream to him. Marrying one of them was any man's ultimate dream.

"So… What are you talking about? You..."

he stammered.

"Oh… are you saying no?

That's right. You're a hero and a champion now. I'm sure a lot of girls are after you this time. So, probably you don't want us anymore, right? You can just leave us, right?

Well, Ivy… I don't think we can still stay here. It's time to leave this place and this cruel man.

I bet he doesn't even want to look at us now.

Come on, let's get going. I don't want to be here with this man anymore!"

Sue was irritated by Austin's hesitation. She pushed Austin away and took Ivy's hand and rushed out of the house like a crazy stupid cow.

She cried loudly like a dissatisfied housewife as she ran out.

"Oh, come on, I didn't mean that," Austin tried to explain.

"So, is that finally a yes?"

Sue abruptly stopped. A sweet smile crossed her gloomy face. She turned around and dashed into Austin's arms again, laughing with her tearful eyes.

'What the heck? Do I really need to marry one of them now?'

Austin asked himself helplessly.

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