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   Chapter 439 Apprentice Of Three Old Men

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"Young man, don't worry. We'll shoulder the consequences of you destroying those swords.

We value a promising swordsman like you more than those treasured swords.

Besides, when they were being made, the souls of famous swordsmen who had been heroes before their deaths were merged into those swords. I guess they'd rather be defeated and vanish than stay stuck inside the swords forever.

Actually, we have long wanted to smash these swords into pieces. But since we are responsible for guarding this place, we can't do that.

We're glad you destroyed the swords and did the swordsmen's souls a big favor by freeing them," one of the three old men explained as he smiled from ear to ear.

"Oh, really?"

Austin gave them an embarrassed smile.

He thought they would punish him when they saw the broken swords, but he was wrong. It was interesting for Austin to see them glad rather than mad.

"Young man, how old are you?"

"Seventeen," Austin answered.

"Wow, so young, yet promising! You will make an outstanding swordsman in the future.

We've rarely seen such young cultivators like you in recent years."

The three old men gathered around Austin, eyeing him from head to toe. The more they studied him, the more they liked him, as if he was some rare treasure.

"Oh, by the way, who's your master?

He must be a man of discernment, with an eye for talent, to have found you."

"Gentlemen, to be honest, I used to be an outer disciple of the Sun Sect, and no one taught me how to use a sword," Austin answered honestly.


So you mean you've acquired these achievements all by yourself? Wow, you are indeed a born swordsman.

Young man, I really like you.

How about this? Since you don't have a master, why not be our apprentice?"

suggested one of the three old men.

The rest of them nodded in approval. They all looked at Austin with great enthusiasm, expecting a positive response from him.

"Young man, you've mastered level 1 sword potential.

But do you know this is just the beginning of your swordsmanship cultivation?

Also, even though you are a talented cultivator, you still need a good master to guide you so that you can avoid diversions as you progress in your swordsmanship cultivation. Not to brag, but we are second to none in swordsmanship in the entire Violet Orchid Empire.

We are much more experienced than you in swordsmanship cultivation. With our guidance and advice, you will be a top swordsman in the future.

What do you think? You may kneel if you wish to fo

manual was called "Flying Eagle Swordsmanship." He browsed through it and found that it was even worse than his Illusory Swordsmanship. So he decided not to take it and put it back on the shelf.

"Damn it. Only swordsmanship manuals are useful to me, yet there are no powerful ones here. What a bad luck!" he complained, clearly disappointed not to find any manuals he wished for.

Left with no choice, Austin decided not to pick out martial arts manuals for himself.

Instead, he chose a grade five energy-refining formula, a grade five fist martial arts manual, and a grade four blade manual.

He picked the three manuals for his good buddies, Evan and Herbert.

In Austin's mind, Evan and Herbert were not talented cultivators, but they were not the worst ones.

Evan and Herbert had average gifts for cultivation.

Being outer disciples of the Sun Sect, they didn't have useful cultivation resources or martial arts manuals. Austin believed that his closest friends would make massive progress if he gave them those manuals.

After he was done, Austin left the imperial treasure house. Knowing that his masters disliked being disturbed, he decided not to say his farewell.

With the eunuch leading the way, Austin went on his way outside of the grand imperial palace.

After bidding goodbye to the eunuch, Austin was about to go back home.

However, before he could even leave the place, a group of people led by Reuben, the youngest prince, came over to him.

"Austin, here you are! I've been looking for you.

Are you free now?

The celebration party hasn't started yet as we're waiting for you. Come and celebrate your victory with us!" he said invitingly.

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