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   Chapter 438 Level One Sword Potential

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Austin was the only one in the room now, who stood firmly in front of the hundred long swords.

There was silence for a few minutes, and the third long sword broke as well.

Austin couldn't believe he had reached the level ten sword intent!

It was the top level of sword intent, but Austin knew that there was a profound realm superior to level ten sword intent. There was still a lot that he had to acquire.

It was known to all that sword intent was only the beginning point of the cultivation base in swordsmanship.

But what Austin didn't know was what would come next after level ten sword intent.

Austin began thinking about it. He was expecting an answer. Immediately, he activated his spiritual sense and began the intensive battle against the sword master's soul which was left in the fourth long sword.

The fourth one also broke down soon.

Next was the fifth one!

Then the sixth one... . . .

As the number of sword masters' souls defeated by Austin increased, his sword intent became stronger. He could feel his sword intent in his soul—sparkling brightly and carrying an aggressive air.

After he gained the energy of ten long swords successfully, the radiance of the ten swords got added to his sword intent making it glow stronger and grow wider. The sword aura around him grew more and more forceful now.

In spite of those changes, he was still at the level ten sword intent.

Anxious to surpass, Austin began the battle against the eleventh one. . .

Then it was the twentieth one...

The twenty-first one... . .

And finally it was the fiftieth one!

Though Austin gained the energy of the fiftieth one, he was still at the level ten sword intent with ten sword radiance.

Though not a drastic change, he did notice a few changes. Every sword radiance of his was changing now. It seemed to be bursting out a powerful sword aura, as it reached a distance of more than 3.33 meters and was wider than a man's arm. Only one sword radiance could surge forward with a great momentum.

While Austin felt the power of his sword radiance, he was surprised to find out that only one of his sword radiance could fight against a past master like Braxton of the Sun Sect.

If Braxton had been still alive, Austin would have to do nothing but activate one of his sword radiance in the battle against him. And it would be as easy as blinking an eye for Austin to de

because I overestimated his ability?"

The three Elders in sackcloth talked among themselves as they walked towards Austin.

"What happened here?"

The three of them exclaimed in unison. They had never expected that this would happen.

Their jaws dropped in shock as they saw the mess.

All the long swords were broken and lay scattered on the ground.

This scene knocked them down with a feather.

"Did this kid defeat all the sword masters' souls?"

"This is fucking unbelievable!"

"Holy shit!"

"Who the hell is this guy?"

"He must be a strong freak!"

They murmured to themselves in disbelief. The three of them were dumbstruck with amazement. None of them could believe their eyes.

"What's his level now? What do you say?"

one of them asked out of curiosity.

The moment he finished his words, Austin felt that they were observing him with piercing eyes. They were perplexed and stood studying him.

He could tell that they were able to see every cell of his body, including the level one sword potential in his Soul Sea.

"Unbelievable! He has reached the level one sword potential after gaining the energy of a hundred long swords.

What a rapid upgrade!"

one of them said as he stroked his beard thoughtfully.

"Kid! Come here!"

The other one called out Austin.

Austin quickly did as he was told and briskly walked towards the three Elders.

"Emm...About this mess, I'd like to offer my sincere apology to you," said Austin awkwardly.

He had to apologize for their loss. After all, he had completely ruined their priceless treasure.

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