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   Chapter 437 Swordsmanship Genius (Part Two)

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The next thing he knew, Austin felt a transformation happening inside him.

A cracking sound could faintly be heard.

It was a soft, clear sound like a chicken breaking opened its shell.

Simultaneously, another sword radiance formed in his soul. Soon enough, his sword intent had leveled up to the eighth.

And this took place right after he had absorbed the ghost's broken soul!

Just then, another sound broke out.

This time, it was the sound of metal banging on the floor coming from reality. One of the hundred swords on the shelf split in the middle to create two perfect pieces. Once cut in half, its flashing stopped, and the sword turned into an ordinary weapon!


The three elderly spectators could not help but gasp.

"How could this happen?"

They stared at the broken sword with their eyes wide-open.

"So, this young man has really defeated the swordsman's ghost! For God's sake," one of them said, as he stood stupefied.

"I knew he was talented! I knew he must be a genius swordsman. But I didn't expect him to be this excellent and competent at such a young age!" the other old man echoed.

The three were totally surprised by Austin's performance, of course, without having the slightest idea that Austin's spiritual sense was now as good as that of many Sky Realm cultivators. They would by no means know that it was Austin's spiritual power, instead of his sword intent, that had played a bigger role.

"As I see it, he has not only beaten the ghost, and crushed its soul but also made it part of his cultivation achievement," the third one pointed out. "See the sword aura he releases? It's definitely different from before. And much stronger, if I must say!"

While the elderly group continued to discuss Austin's talents, th

rs are no more than sticks compared to him!" he told his companions.

"What's more, most of the souls dwelling in those swords have actually been imprisoned for hundreds of years, during which their spiritual power keeps decreasing. If left to gather dust on a shelf like this, they are bound to disappear soon.

In this case, they seem to have had the good fortune to meet this young man and become a part of his cultivation. At least the souls and swordsmanship they carry have again found a qualified owner," he sighed.

"Well, the three of us have spent our entire life studying swordsmanship, and it's our luck that we have seen such a good swordsman like this young man at last. Why don't we just help him become the best?

I'd say we, the older ones, should forgive him for breaking the swords, and take the fall for him.

Anyway, I don't think the king would punish three old men with honor for this," he proposed.

"It's settled then. Make it a gift for this talented boy.

We have to keep in mind that geniuses in swordsmanship like him are hard to find nowadays!" the old man concluded.

Then the three left the room, dragging the perplexed eunuch out.

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