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   Chapter 436 Swordsmanship Genius (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-07-12 00:51

No one was aware that a battle was breaking out on the first floor of the Imperial Treasure House.

It was a battle unseen. Accidentally, Austin released the soul in an ancient sword. It was the ghost of an ancient swordsman dressed in white, who was quite powerful. Quickly, Austin activated his level seven sword intent, as well as his spiritual sense to meet this swordsman head on. The fierce fighting began in Austin's Soul Sea.

Even before the first round ended, Austin realized this swordsman had a far better grasp of swordsmanship than he did. The overwhelming sword aura he created kept rushing towards Austin like a torrent and had been precariously close to pinning the warrior dangerously several times. Austin's sword intent and seven sword radiance quivered and wailed in the flood of sword aura, as the swordsman nearly broke them from time to time.

It was a good thing that Austin's spiritual sense was much stronger at that point. With the extra help of the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle, he was able, though barely, to defend against the swordsman's relentless attacks at that moment.

And the skilled fighter was grateful that his spiritual sense was powerful enough to cover a distance of six thousand meters!

The fact was, only a cultivator who refined at the Sky Realm might be able to achieve this!

So, the Spiritual Sense Flying Needles Austin unleashed within the given radius was strong enough to resist most of the swordsman's sword aura. On the other hand, his level seven sword intent hardly had any effect.

More than ten minutes into the bitter fight, Austin was delighted to sense that the sword aura from the swordsman was gradually weakening, like the energy that had been forming it was draining away.

What happened? The sudden change confused Austin.

But after several minutes of pondering, he figured out the reason for what happened.

While i

a hundred years after the pinnacle of my cultivation!" the ghost screamed.

He said this just before Austin's sword intent and five Spiritual Sense Flying Needles pierced through his body and soul. The ghost's soul was torn apart and shredded into hundreds and thousands of tiny white pieces that now floated in the vast Soul Sea.

When it was all over, Austin breathed a huge sigh of relief. Then he remembered the little monkey that accidentally fell into his Soul Sea, and how he had absorbed its soul to enhance his power.

Now Austin knew what to do with the soul pieces. Austin took a deep breath, then the floating pieces in his Soul Sea were assimilated by his mind and body in the blink of an eye.

And right at that moment, Austin found that knowledge about sword arts and deep comprehension of swordsmanship appeared in his Soul Sea as if there was a book turning pages inside his head. To his surprise, he experienced a sudden burst of clarity, erasing all the doubts and confusion about swordsmanship.

He could also feel that an extra sword intent, a profound one, was blending into his level seven sword intent. It felt like he had just taken some strong medicinal pill, which now helped him boost and enhance his previous sword intent.

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