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   Chapter 435 The Soul Of The Swordsman In White

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"Kid, you actually know how to identify a high quality sword apart from the rest?

Do you even know anything about swordsmanship?

Are you cultivating any sword skill at the moment?" an old man in linen questioned Austin.

His tone was akin to a sword, which was hard, sharp, and very aggressive.

The eunuch immediately explained, "Seniors, Austin has been using sword as his weapon for quite some time already, so he wanted to have a look at these well-known swords..."

Before he could even continue explaining, another elder in linen cut him off. He waved to Austin and said in annoyance, "You're so young, and I think you are nothing but a kid.

Such arrogance! It's ridiculous if you think of yourself already an expert of the sword just because you've learned some superficial swordsmanship from some random stranger.

Listen well kid, most of the swords on display here are superior to medium-grade sacred weapons, and each of them contains a history that is beyond your wildest imagination.

These swords were cast during the ancient times, and even the youngest of these swords is over two hundred years old. These swords have played a great deal in shaping our history.

Each of them has its own sword intent and is by no means ordinary at all.

Well then, since you boast that you are a swordsman, then humor me and choose some swords which you fancy.

Show us your taste and how good you really are in choosing swords," one of the old man said.

Obviously, he wanted to test Austin's competence and knowledge in art of swordsmanship.

Although Austin didn't like their arrogant attitude towards him, he dared not to protest. He had after all ventured in the lion's den. Might as well humor them and do what they wished.

Judging from the mighty sword aura which emanated from these three old men, Austin could tell that they were all experienced and powerful swordsmen. He knew that compared to their cultivation base, he was nothing but a newbie who had much to learn.

"Okay then! Let me try," he answered confidently.

He walked towards the weapon shelf and glanced at all the swords displayed on it. Each one was definitely unique from the other.

There were a hundred swords in total. Among them, except for a dozen medium-grade sacred weapons, the rest were all high-grade sacred weapons.

and anxious now. He was fully aware of the implications. This was indeed a very risky ordeal to do.

He released the level seven sword intent and his spiritual sense power and soon, seven beams of sword radiance and five Spiritual Sense Flying Needles rushed toward the swordsman's soul in order to counterattack.

Austin was trying to force the soul of the swordsman to yield to him by using his spiritual sense power and sword aura. But he didn't even budge and was actually struggling to fight back.

They ended up getting on a skirmish and were suddenly attacking each other.

Austin stood still quietly, as if he was in a trance.

He was deeply concentrating on the ongoing battle in his Soul Sea.

A large number of sword aura and intent rushed out from Austin's Soul Sea. Like boiling water, they rolled up and down in the space around him and split through the air before waving around. It was as if his power was going crazy.

"This kid is no ordinary and simple swordsman! He seems to have comprehended a high level sword intent. Just look at that spiritual energy he's releasing.

It seems to be a level seven sword intent.

It looks like he is trying to use his sword intent to resist and force the remaining sword aura of the sword to yield towards him.

Since he can resist the sword aura of that ancient sword for such a long time, he has quite a potential. I'm starting to like him more and more.

Let's wait and observe for a little bit longer. If the kid can't really hold on any longer, I will help him out."

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