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   Chapter 434 Imperial Treasure House

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After Austin finished off Abbott and his two guardians, Violet also found Evan and Herbert and got them out of prison.

Their bodies were covered with cuts and bruises and were too feeble to utter a word.

When Austin checked on their condition, he was relieved to see they only suffered minor wounds. These weren't serious, and they would soon recover.

It was deep-seated hatred for Austin and the innate ferocity of their members that led the Blood Wolf Team to treat Evan and Herbert like dogs. They bashed them, then kicked them, and tortured the two in every possible way. As a result, the two disciples were beaten so badly, and were left with bruises all over in the few days when they were held captive by the Blood Wolf Team.

After Austin left the house, he ordered his men to set the Blood Wolf Team's stronghold on fire and burn it to ashes.

The battle ended with the complete annihilation of the Blood Wolf Team. Over two hundred warriors, several dozens of maids and servants, who could barely fight, were all wiped out. There was not a soul left alive after the slaughter.

The news about the fight soon spread like wildfire all over the imperial capital city early the next day.

At the moment in every household, road, and lane, people were discussing the news. They engaged in heated exchanges from the information they heard. Arguments would occasionally break out when two parties had opposing views.

The most significant news was the death of Abbott, the powerful but ruthless overlord, a dominant figure of the Violet Orchid Empire.

Warriors in the imperial capital city were stupefied when they first heard the news. Then they shook their heads in disbelief. Impossible!

They thought, 'Abbot is dead? Are they kidding?'

Abbott was not as famous as the Sect Leaders of the five great sects. But the Blood Wolf Team did better under his leadership in the past few years. Eventually, the Blood Wolf Team gradually caught up and was soon on a par with the five prominent sects when it came to strength and power.

Moreover, Abbott was also a mighty figure. Having achieved the medium stage of the Mysterious Realm, he was among the few considered as a real master in the Violet Orchid Empire.

Although Austin won the championship in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games, it was only the first time that people saw him and his exceptional talent.

The Outstanding Talents Exchange Games was a competition intended for the young generation. Being the winner in that contest didn't necessarily mean that Austin had the ability to challenge the masters of the older generation.

What made the news of his death more dubious was the fact that Abbott was a famous martial arts master known for his cruelty.

So it was not surprising that people who learned of his death were unanimous in their disbelief.

But once the news was confirmed and backed by evidence, they were all dumbstruck.

On that day, Austin's name was brought up thousands of time in discussions among crowds in the imperial capital city. What happened to Abbott was incredible.

The young man who topped the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games became the center of attention. . . .

However, Austin was oblivious to all the fuss about him in the city.

After burning the Blood Wolf Team's place down, he immediately led his men back to the palace where he was staying. He returned the horses to their stables and the weapons to the storage.

Then he did a rough assess

nk you. I usually use swords as my weapons for fighting. So, I am very interested in all kinds of swords. I wish to visit the area where the treasured swords are stored. I think it's a great chance to open my eyes.

But don't worry. I only want to take a look. I have no desire to take any of them," Austin assured.

The eunuch considered, then said, "Okay. I will take you to see the racks where the swords are displayed."

Once more, he nodded to signal they were leaving and led the way. They made their way through a narrow winding path.

Finally, they came to a row of weapon racks.

The sight left Austin speechless. His eyes rolled in amazement. Every kind of sword—in all shapes and sizes—were crammed in the racks.

By his estimation, there were over a hundred long swords displayed there.

Three aged men in sackcloth were strolling in the area. With their hands behind their back, their eyes had a stern look. Occasionally they would stop and point at a particular sword then would whisper to one another. It looked as if they were exchanging opinions about the different swords.

The eunuch was startled when he saw the three. He flinched but greeted them, his tone fearful.

"Pardon me gentlemen," the eunuch began politely. "I am sorry to disturb your appreciation of the swords."

"Oh, it's you, Riley!

And there's a kid with you," one of them said.

He spoke without turning to look at them. This man didn't care who came to the place, anyway.

"Yes, sirs. The Emperor has given orders to bring Sir Austin here to select manuals.

But he's very interested in swords, so I had to bring him here to admire the treasured swords in this area," the eunuch explained.

He spoke with much reverence.

"Admire the swords?"

All of a sudden, the three men turned to look at Austin at the same time, their eyes as sharp as eagles.

Facing the eyes boring into him, Austin felt his soul surge turbulently as if he had fallen into a sword tomb.

Every cell in his body felt like it was wrapped by cold icy sword auras.

And he felt real pain as all this was happening.

The looks the three men gave Austin created illusions for the young warrior. At that moment, all his mind was filled with sword auras.

And all he saw were sword auras in every direction of the place.

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