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   Chapter 433 Smash Body To Pieces And Grind Bones To Powder

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8533

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Austin summoned a total of fifteen Grand Pagodas, each with nine layers.

Suspended in the air before him, each Grand Pagoda glistened with power. Dotting his line of sight, Austin felt awestruck by their magnificence.

Thankfully, Austin's spiritual sense was strong enough that it could control such a huge number of intricate Grand Pagodas or else the Pagodas would have been out of control and Austin would have imploded with the imbalance of forces.

At this moment, a lava of vital energy force erupted from the Grand Pagodas. They darted towards the five diabolic wolves to close in on them as tightly as iron bands.

Three of the Fifteen Grand Pagodas zeroed in on one diabolic wolf. Sharpening their focus, each pagoda launched fierce and constant bombardments at the wolves. The sky above mirroring the wrath of the Pagodas rumbled above with roaring thunder.

Gradually, the five diabolic wolves were brought to their knees as they howled in fear like outcast dogs. Their ferocity and demonic quality—all fizzled out as the Pagodas pummeled them into submission. They scampered and skittered taking any route of escape they possibly could.

The three Blood Wolf Team members who had been watching the fight between Austin and the Diabolic Wolves wore troubled looks. Abbott, the head of the Blood Wolf Team, had broken into a cold sweat, disbelieving what was right in front of him.

Aghast, the two guardians wore a look of horror.

"Hey boss, things don't look too good for us," a nervous guardian addressed their leader.

"We have all underestimated Austin, it seems. Who would have known that he would hand us such a thrashing defeat?

I'd advise us to conserve our energy instead. That's our best bet. Ready to retreat?"

Abbott sighed, depressed. He knew the situation was hopeless.

Their lives were too precious and it was foolish to expose them to a danger such as Austin. After all, the Blood Wolf Team just had select master hands who had attained the Mysterious Realm. Any death among the three could cripple the strength of the entire Blood Wolf Team.

So, in the dilemma of 'fight or flight', the latter was certainly a better option. Their own safety came first. As the saying goes, 'While there is life, there is hope'.

Austin engulfed by his spiritual sense, was easily aware of all sorts of shifts in the surrounding energy. He could intuit what the Blood Wolf Team was thinking as clear as day.

"Humph, weary old Abbott, you want to escape, eh?

Keep on daydreaming!"

And with t

Is this fight finally over?"

Austin murmured as shards of flesh flew all around him.

Fatigue swept over his delicate face and exhaustion began to crawl under his skin.

It was his first time summoning such a huge number of Grand Pagodas to fight the three warriors who had all reached the Mysterious Realm. It had taken most of his energy and strength to charge at them like a hurricane. . Whoosh.

After killing the three members of the Blood Wolf Team, Austin slowly descended as his feet touched the ground.

Through his spiritual sense, he could feel the fight in the mansion had also come to an end. It had been a lopsided victory for most members of the Blood Wolf Team had been erased from the face of the earth.

Austin was prescient enough to know that the remaining foolish members from the Blood Wolf Team would still stubbornly resist and then be vanquished in the blink of an eye.

Ten corpse generals were close at the heels of several members of the Blood Wolf Team.

Austin's guards grouped together to search all the houses one by one and to kill any member of the Blood Wolf Team.

It was Austin's command: Kill them all!

And so, the guards were ordained by a holy order in a way to execute Austin's command in absolute terms.

Knowing the current situation after sensing, Austin felt a great wave of satisfaction.

Then an abrupt thought entered his mind.

He had no knowledge whether Violet had rescued Evan and Herbert.

Through his spiritual sense, again he scoured the mansion.

The next second, Austin flushed with immense happiness and in a flash, rushed towards the northeast corner of the mansion, leaving a shadow behind.

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