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   Chapter 432 Fifteen Grand Pagodas

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6198

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As Austin waved his hands, crisscrossing them as though weaving, the threads of golden vital energy changed, and within moments there was a nine-layer golden pagoda.

It silently radiated vital energy pressure and a threatening aura.

The nine-layer golden pagoda Austin summoned reminded Abbott of something, and he became tense and frowned.

In the last battle at the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games, Austin used his Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill to condense his vital energy into three pagodas to defeat Leo.

Abbott quickly recovered. He witnessed the great attack Austin executed with the three grand pagodas. They helped Austin win before, but, Abbott remained calm because he knew the three grand pagodas were inferior to the five diabolic wolves that he summoned.

Therefore, Abbott wasn't worried at all.

After summoning one grand pagoda, Austin kept moving his hands, his fingers moved faster, and fluttered like butterfly wings.

He'd improved his cultivation base and understanding of martial art skills, so, this time Austin was able to shorten the time span of summoning the pagodas. In the blink of an eye, three grand pagodas appeared in front of him, and were suspended around. Threads of hidden and raging pressure spread out with grand pagodas at their centers.

"Ha-ha-ha! Austin, are you sure you can take down the five diabolic wolves with only three pagodas?

Maybe in your dreams! But, you will surely die today!"

Abbott taunted while he suppressed his rage, and kept his voice even and calm.

As for the Blood Wolf Team, their base on the Good Fortune Alley was over half burned, and no longer able to be used.

Additionally, the situation at the large manor wasn't favorable for the members of the Blood Wolf Team. The battle was cruel. They were on the edge of annihilation and either dead or

ady to pounce, Austin ordered his nine layered grand pagodas to attack at a critical moment. Immediately, the pagodas spread countless threads of golden light that shot out with a great force.


Growl... ...

Five diabolic wolves collided with eight to nine grand pagodas and instantly created an extremely huge shock wave followed by a booming sound which sent vital energy force spreading!

The growl and crashing sound resounded through the air.

The whole area, from the earth below to the sky above, shook violently as if the end of world was imminent.

The impressive battle happening far above the half burned manor caused a sensation throughout the imperial capital city. Martial artists and ordinary people alike, gathered to watch the battle happening above them.

... ...

As the number of grand pagodas increased, Austin gradually turned the battle to his advantage.

Finally, he summoned a fifteenth grand pagoda, and stopped.

There were enough pagodas to beat them to death.

He exhaled slowly!

Austin stared at Abbott and the two guardians, who stood looking at him with expressions of great astonishment.

"Abbott? Do you still believe it will be to slay me now?"

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