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   Chapter 431 The Summoning Of The Five Diabolic Wolves

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The Blood Wolf Team had a stronghold located in the Good Fortune Alley, just north to the imperial capital city.

The house was now ablaze with fire, strewn with corpses, accompanied by resounding clashes between weapons. People were dismembered left, right and center by these chaotic flurry of weapons.

Four figures floated in the air above the house.

These were Austin, Abbott and two guardians of the Blood Wolf Team.

All of their cultivation bases were at the Mysterious Realm.

Cultivators of the Mysterious Realm were blessed with the ability to stay and glide briefly in the air by relying on their vital energy.

How long a cultivator could stay or how far he could glide in the air depended on his strength and his ability to utilize his vital energy.

"Austin, you've become too bold! Winning the tournament must have made you too haughty.

Today will be the day you die," Abbott spoke grimly as he stared furiously at Austin, his eyes giving away his murderous intentions.

Suddenly, a violently frenzied vital energy force exerted out of his body.

"Diabolic Wolf Shooting Punch!"

Out of Abbott's fist, a ferocious giant wolf with snarling teeth appeared out of nowhere, surrounded by diabolic auras. As soon as it showed up, it gritted its teeth and rushed toward Austin at great speed, leaving behind his shadow in its untamed speed. Before he could react, it was right in front of Austin.

Just before the wolf stuck its teeth in Austin, Austin gathered his strength and let out a yell of desperation.

Instead of dodging the attack, he threw his hand directly at the diabolic wolf's head. 30, 000 pounds of great force poured out from his fist and Austin didn't hold back one bit of his power.


Austin was thrown behind by more than 100 meters away when he collided with the wolf. His shirt was completely torn apart by the tremendous impact, and the pieces floated like butterflies in the sky, and then gently fell to the ground.

"Huh, looks like 30, 000 pounds is not powerful enough to deal with the attack from a master at the medium stage of Mysterious Realm," Austin observed in hindsight.

Although Austin staggered backwards from the attack, he had not suffered any damage except that there was suddenly a massive surge of blood and energy in his chest.

Since Austin had mastered the fifth stage of Overlord Body-refining Formula and his body had been buttressed by the three drops of Ancient Magic Liquid, his physical strength was much stronger than ordinary people could even imagine. That was why he was largely unhurt.

Abbott gasped in disbelief at what he had seen. He sensed

guardian's head!

They had summoned five diabolic wolves together!

Each diabolic wolf was more than 30 feet tall and about 40 feet long, and radiated a breathtaking dark evil light. Their bodies were strong and powerful, as if cast from iron, giving them a sense of invulnerability.

Austin had seen Wilson from the Blood Wolf Team perform the Diabolic Wolf Formula in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games.

However, Wilson had only summoned one diabolic wolf at that time.

While Abbott summoned three diabolic wolves, the two guardians had summoned one each.

The five wolves looked as if coming from the old hunting days of the primordial world. The moment they emerged, the five pairs of red bloodthirsty eyes blazed with menace, fixed on Austin!

"Haha, Austin, I have to admit that you are a rare genius. Unfortunately, if a genius does not have the opportunity to reach his full potential, he is no different from someone mediocre.

Today, I will kill you, a so called genius, with my own hands!

No matter how powerful you are, these five diabolic wolves will tear you to pieces!" Abbott exclaimed in excitement.

Once the five diabolic wolves appeared, he no longer had any worries about killing Austin. He knew they would carry out their job competently.

"Facing five wolves at a time is quite a challenge.

But I have no choice but to go for it!" Austin whispered, encouraging himself.

His eyes turned somber and determined.

Suddenly, a grim light filled his eyes. He crossed his fingers, and moved them around swiftly and gracefully. It was like watching poetry come alive.

Copious, vicious snake-like streaks of pale golden vital energy burst from his palms, twisting around each other with their exuberance.

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