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   Chapter 430 Irate Abbott

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Austin fiercely barged into the house which the Blood Wolf Team took as their stronghold.

He crumbled the door with his fist, fragments of which flew into the yard and destroyed several rooms.

"What's up? What happened?"

"Is there an earthquake coming?" "Anyone knows what's going on?"

Suddenly, all members of the Blood Wolf Team inside the house, including Abbott and two guardians, were woken up by the loud sound. They asked each other as they got out of bed, confused as to what was happening.

At the same time, Austin and Violet, followed by 10 corpse generals and a procession of 500 guards, broke into the house with great strength and vigor. They killed all people on the way, including warriors and servants.

Austin walked as the head of the procession. After a while, a member of the Blood Wolf Team finally discovered the group of intruders.

"Who are you? Do you know this is the house of the Blood Wolf Team? How dare you barge in?"

A dozen warriors exclaimed, surrounding them.

"I am the man who will send you to hell!"

Austin's voice was cold as if he had just risen from hell. He then utilized the sacred long sword to display his Illusory Swordsmanship with level seven sword intent.


Over thirty streaks of sword radiance with full and aggressive sword aura charged at the members of the Blood Wolf Team surrounding them.

They were night watchmen who were responsible for patrolling the area. Since their cultivation base of the Energy Gathering Realm was relatively low, they were far from being Austin's competitors.

After a while of screeching, all of them were either wounded or dead. Blood splattered on the ground, and broken legs were scattered everywhere.

"There is an enemy invasion!"

shouted a man whose cultivation base was at the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm. His right arm was cut and bleeding profusely as he turned around to escape. At the same time, he spilled something into the air with his left hand, and a dazzling light beamed out and exploded in the sky, lightening the house with a persistent and harsh red glow.

That was a special signal bomb of the Blood Wolf Team, mainly used to warn others that there was an enemy invasion.

Austin knew what he had done, but he didn't stop him because he wanted to meet Abbott as soon as possible. He was even glad to see the signal bomb as it would make it e

ious and thirsty to kill Austin.

The only thing he wanted to do was to skin and eat him alive.

Abbott's roar reached several miles away, making people who heard it creep all over.

"Ha-ha, Abbott, you foul old thing, what about the surprise?"

Austin laughed sarcastically.

Then he continued, "Old thing, I had no enmity against your Blood Wolf team before. But you assassinated me time and again, and even threatened my friends.

This is the day to settle our dispute!

Foul dog, go to hell!"

Within a minute, three strong warriors at the Mysterious Realm––Abbott and his two guardians formed a triangle to besiege Austin.


You are too bold to break in our stronghold here in the imperial capital city.

You are strong. We know you have reached the Mysterious Realm.

But you're just showing off in the eyes of a master. We three are all at the medium stage of the Mysterious Realm, so how are you gonna kill me?

Austin, today is your doomsday!"

Abbott gradually calmed down and stared at Austin fiercely.

He knew that Austin had upgraded to the preliminary stage of the Mysterious Realm in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games.

But he believed Austin was a definite loser since he was still at the preliminary stage of the Mysterious Realm while he and his guardians were at the medium stage.

'We have an absolute advantage. Austin is a mortal malady, so it is worthwhile killing him at the cost of a house.'

Such thought made Abbott completely calm down.

"Oh? Really?"

A smirk cracked in Austin's mouth.

"Give it a try."

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