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   Chapter 429 Break In At The Blood Wolf Team's Mansion

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It was in the secret room for cultivating.

Holding two superior vital energy crystals, Austin drew their energy out and transferred it into the vital energy stone in his elixir field.

White residue that was the leftover waste of the vital energy crystals lay all around Austin.

As his base cultivation level grew, Austin was able to complete this task quicker. Now, it took only two minutes at the most to finish extracting the vital energy contained in one superior vital energy crystal.

All the sudden, Austin sensed something.

His spiritual sense picked up on a guard captain step outside the secret cultivation room.

Austin shivered slightly as a strong, sharp vital energy force appeared inside his body. The white powder was swept from around him into a corner of the secret cultivation room. Austin stood and stepped out the room.

"What's going on?" Austin asked.

Just as the guard captain got closer to the secret cultivation room, but, before he could raise his hand and knock at the door, Austin opened the door and came out.

'It's amazing how the Master knows when I'm coming to him, ' the captain thought to himself.

He was surprised and admired his master's instincts.

"Master, we've gotten the exact information of where the Blood Wolf Team's been living in the imperial capital city," declared the guard captain respectfully.

"Really? That was fast! Great!" announced Austin, surprised.

He didn't expect they'd have a result yet. It'd only been one night since he asked the guards to search for information.

But, Austin understood soon enough how the guards could uncover the information overnight. They were from the imperial capital city and very familiar with the surroundings. Plus Abbott of the Blood Wolf Team was cocky and had no intentions of hiding himself. Therefore, it was easy for the guards to locate him.

"He resides on Good Fortune Alley along with about two hundred people," briefed the captain.

"Alright. Get our people and prepare. We'll go there shortly!" commanded Austin.

His eyes were sharp as he stared cruelly for a short time before soften his expression.

Austin noticed it was the darkest hour, and in a short time, it would be dawn. Until then, he hadn't realized nearly the entire night had flown by while he was in the secret cultivation room.

It would be only an hour before the sun rose.

As soon as Austin had the exact location of the Blood Wolf Team, he didn't want any delays and planned to attack Abbott before word could reach him.

In the palace square, five hundred guards in high spirits wer

Austin punched the thick red gate made of top-grade ironwood and numerous copper nails. They weighed about one thousand pounds each, and together, they were about two thousand pounds.

But, they couldn't withstand one punch from Austin, who threw a punch equaling thirty thousand pounds.


The loud sound reverberated through the halls.

The two gates broke the casing and flew inside. The casing was jolted and collapsed. Bricks and stones flew in every direction as dust rose up. The whole place shook like there was a small earthquake.

At that moment, Har-rooo... Within the mansion, a strong wind picked up in the yard, as if there were a hurricane.

The two gates, along with the sound of galloping horses at a frightening speed as they rushed into the mansion, made the occupants think meteorites were hitting the planet.

"Crash! Bang!"

The sounds were heard in succession while as many as seven houses near the gates were destroyed.

Inside the rooms, the sleeping members of the Blood Wolf Team were smashed to death or suddenly disabled. Painful exclamations and groans were heard everywhere in a second.

In the early morning, the sounds were earth-shattering, and could be heard from far away, instantly, breaking the quiet of the alley. Everyone, even the dogs, chicken and other animals were frightened.

It was so cool and pleasant! The thirty thousand pounds of strength gave Austin enjoyment of his power.

All five hundred troops opened their eyes wide, mouths open, as they stood shocked at Austin's tremendous strength and wondered, 'Is that even a human's body?

He's actually more wild than some of the demonic, diabolic beasts that are infamous for their huge strength!'

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