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   Chapter 428 Refine Three Drops of Ancient Magic Liquid

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The Royal garden...

It was also Austin's place for cultivating his martial arts.

Inside a secret chamber of Austin Palace.

At the moment, Austin was sitting cross-legged on a cushion.

After winning a championship, Austin had acquired a large number of vital energy crystals, three medium-grade aggressive sacred weapons, a piece of precious top-grade sacred armor, and three drops of Ancient Magic Liquid.

As for the three medium-grade aggressive sacred weapons, they were a machete, a spear, and a halberd. However, none were suitable for Austin. He ignored them and took out the precious top-grade armor and examined it.

This armor was made of some unknown but rare materials, and it seemed to be intelligent. Lights of seven different colors were seen on it. It felt soft, warm, and comfortable.

This piece of expensive clothing belonged to the top-grade sacred weapon, and its defensive power was admirable. With this precious clothing and his cultivation of the Overlord Body-refining Formula, which made his body harder and indestructible, Austin believed the defensive ability of his human body would improve tremendously.

After putting the expensive clothing away, Austin glanced around and found three jade bottles. Each of the three jade bottles contained one drop of Ancient Magic Liquid.

The Ancient Magic Liquid was a well-known treasure generated between the heaven and the earth.

The most prominent function of the Ancient Magic Liquid was to cleanse and transform a cultivator's body effectively. Even the tiniest cells could be cleaned thoroughly to purify a human body to the maximum possible extent. Besides, their body structure could be improved. After refining the Ancient Magic Liquid, cultivators might consider themselves reborn.

In short, by refining the Ancient Magic Liquid, a regular cultivator might have the chance to become the most talented one. Similarly, a talented cultivator might become the most intimidating cultivator of martial arts.

Of course, this was nothing but a legend that circulated among the cultivators. Until now, Austin had never seen the Ancient Magic Liquid. Curious, he held one of the jade bottles in his hand and looked at it carefully.

Then, he seemed to have reached a decision. He pulled out the plug and poured the pure Ancient Magic Liquid. It turned out the drop was the size of a soybean.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the drop touched Austin's palm, it wormed its way into his flesh and disappeared.

Then, Austin closed his eyes and concentrated. He could feel the drop of Ancient Magic Liquid merging with his blood and flowing toward his heart.

Seconds later, he sensed that the temperature inside his body was rising quickly, as though he were sitting too close to a furnace.

Austin's blood became extremely hot, and he could feel it flowing through his vessels. Finally, Austin felt as though his blood was boiling. Green tendrils of smoke drifted out from his body.

Austin was both confused and shocked

The secret room echoed the sound of his screams.

... ...

Two hours later, Austin finished the refining and tried his punch.

His human body could command the strength of 30, 000 pounds.

After he had refined the other two drops of Ancient Magic Liquid, to his great excitement, Austin found that he could wield a fist with the strength of 30, 000 pounds.

Besides, the refinement of the three drops of Ancient Magic Liquid had replenished his vital energy. He doubted if there could be a circumstance that would exhaust his vital energy. Perhaps that would never happen!

Now, he had muscles and bones made of iron. Regular knives, blades, and swords couldn't hurt him anymore.

His meridians could be as hard as ice that had been frozen for thousands of years and as soft as the water depending on the circumstances.

Meanwhile, he sensed that his spirit, soul, and willpower had also been strengthened. They were pure and devoid of any contamination. His faith was now indestructible. All of his Internal Demons had gone.

From his human body and his spirit, Austin seemed capable of commanding the whole world, and of staying calm no matter what happened.

Austin was extremely satisfied with the effects of the three drops of Ancient Magic Liquid!

Next, he took out a large quantity of superior vital energy crystals, and absorbed the vital energy from them, hungrily. At last, all of the vital energy was stored in the vital energy stone inside his elixir field.

Austin knew that there were several cultivators of Mysterious Realm serving the Blood Wolf Team, besides Abbott. Most of those cultivators would follow Abbott into the imperial capital city.

Since Austin was still at the preliminary stage of the Mysterious Realm, how could he survive their attacks, not to mention, win against them?

Suddenly, a crazy idea flashed through his mind. However, before Austin could implement this idea, he had to put enough vital energy into the vital energy stone.

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