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   Chapter 427 Austin Palace (Part Two)

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"Master, how are you going to rescue your friends Evan and Herbert?"

Violet asked with a concerned look. Due to the close relationship that she and her master had, she could directly communicate with Austin inside her mind. Therefore, she already knew everything that was going on.

She also knew it well that Austin was going to try to save his friends at any cost.

After a while, Austin's 500 guards, 1, 000 female servants and 1, 000 male servants gathered in the spacious main hall. They stood in orderly rows and waited patiently for Austin's instructions.

These servants had been adopted by the royal family of the Violet Orchid Empire from very young ages. They had been taught the manners and etiquette that came with serving their masters over the course of their lives till now. The very core of their education was to be obedient and respectful of their master.

While waiting for Austin's words, they were also glancing at their new master with curiosity.

The female servants had already learned special techniques that were related to serving male masters. Although they were all virgins, they already had a deep knowledge of sex.

It was quite normal for the aristocrats and the officials to ask their female servants to sleep with them. Austin's female servants were nervous at the thought. They stared closely at their young master who couldn't have been more than seventeen or eighteen years old.

When they imagined serving this young man in his bed, they couldn't help blushing in shyness and feeling their heartbeats quicken. Austin was fairly handsome, especially after stage five of the Overlord Body Refining Formula.

"Okay, everyone. May I have your attention?"

Austin cleared his throat and spoke in a loud voice.

"I'll be honest. I'm not from a noble clan, so I don't know any rules about these hierarchies. I don't have any special requirements for you, either.

I know that each of you has a cultivation base in martial arts. I would like it if you can spend most of your spare time on refining those skills.

If anyone makes an outstanding achievement and improves to a great extent, I'll give him or her a befitting reward.

Also. Remember that my first requirement is that you never try to create trouble for others and never bully the weak when you go out. On the other hand, never yield to anyone who dare

in the imperial capital city and secondly, the number and strength of their forces.

We should have the situation clear in our minds before we set out to save my friends.

Team leaders, please select your team members, and give preference to those who are deeply familiar with the imperial capital city. Send them out to investigate about the Blood Wolf Team as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir!"

The five team leaders stepped out of the line and answered. They were all at the preliminary stage of Earth Realm.

After giving his orders, Austin returned to a room for cultivation in the main hall.

As a reward of his championship in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games, he had received three drops of the Ancient Magic Liquid. He decided to consume them before the battle.

He had stored a large amount of numerous valuable herbs and pills inside his Space Ring, so he also wanted to consume as much of them as possible too.

Aside from that, he still needed to store some more vital energy into the vital energy stone.

Such preparations were necessary because Austin knew that the Blood Wolf Team was a strong force to be reckoned with. Aside from Abbott who was at the medium stage of the Mysterious Realm, there were several other potent enemies too, many of whom were at the preliminary stage of the Mysterious Realm.

There were still many other members who were at the Earth Realm and differing levels of the Energy Gathering Realm.

To increase the possibility of his victory, Austin needed to make sufficient preparations for the battle.

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