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   Chapter 426 Austin Palace (Part One)

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The Royal Palaces were a series of the most extensive and luxurious buildings in the imperial capital city.

All of them were constructed in beautiful areas where colorful flowers and towering trees grew. Their airs were rich with the fragrances of different plants.

Thanks to the variety of flora that grew around them, the air was always fresh and clean and also contained a rather large amount of vital energy. Iridescent clouds floated above the buildings like fairy tales and the atmosphere was that of grandeur.

Several small bridges and rivers were laid out among the buildings, cutting through here and there, and the lawns were decorated with artificial hills and fountains. People could hear beautifully played string every time they walked along the cobblestone pathways. Things really were fairy tale in here.

Among these buildings, one of the palaces was now granted to Austin as a reward for his performance. The emperor had even gone so far as to name the palace after Austin as an expression of his appreciation for his talent.

Reuben, the youngest prince was now so fond of Austin that he led a troop of his followers and waited at the gate of the imperial palace when Austin was about to leave. The latter's championship in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games had earned the young prince a great honour, and it was going to work to his great advantage in the competition for the throne.

Undoubtedly, Austin was the one who had made the greatest contribution for Reuben's campaign.

To show his gratitude, Reuben specially waited for Austin at the gate of the imperial palace. In fact, he had even asked his men to prepare for a banquet to celebrate Austin's victory, apart from several other rewards.

However, Austin obviously wasn't in the mood for a party after hearing about Evan and Herbert. He immediately, though politely refused the prince's invitation and decided to return to his palace to prepare. He needed to be ready for all kinds of situations before he set out to rescue his two friends.

Austin knew clearly that all the members of the Blood Wolf Team were cruel and vicious men. They were all known for having committed countless crimes of killing and robbing. The longer Evan and Herbert were with that group of men, the more danger they would be in. Therefore, Aust

o greet him respectfully.

"Welcome back, my master!"

"Eh, well..."

Austin froze for a second. It was strange to be treated in such a respectful way.

"Raise yourselves up from the ground, you guys."

Immediately, everyone followed Austin's order and stood up in sync, their heads lowered humbly. Although they were sincere and obedient to Austin's every command, they were also curious about this new master in front of them.

Some scrupulous female servants were already starting to observe Austin's behavior and try to figure out his character and preference.

"Everyone please gather in the main hall. I have a few things to say."

After thinking for a while, Austin gave out his first instruction.

"Violet, come with me."

At the same time, he ordered Violet inside his mind.

With a flash of green fog, Violet appeared right next to Austin out of the blue. With her, the gnome also appeared with a bored look on its face. It squeaked at Austin while waving its fists and kicking its legs. It seemed to be complaining that Austin had left it inside the Space Ring for such a long time which had bored it.

This mysterious creature had a lively and willful nature. After it made sure Austin had registered its complaint, it quickly dashed off and soon disappeared in the distance.

Austin shook his head in resignation. The gnome had a very fast speed and was easily able to compete against Austin. Also, it was extremely intelligent and therefore, there were very few cultivators indeed who could hurt it.

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