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   Chapter 425 Make You Pay The Price

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On becoming the champion of the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games, Austin was greatly rewarded with treasures including about 2, 500 servants. Through a scroll, he built a spiritual connection with his slaves. He could order them to do anything and they would comply. They were to serve him unconditionally. They were his and he could even take their lives if he wanted.

He ordered the servants to wait for him at the new residence that the emperor had gifted him as a reward on his victory.

After him the others including Leo and Symon received their prizes. Their rewards were considerably lesser than those awarded to Austin. What was more insulting for them was the fact that their treasures were quite cheaper than the champion's!

Even the number of servants they got was lesser than Austin's. They felt disgraced and unappreciated.

Everyone present there noticed the difference but none dared to ask or question the decisions.

Leo simmered with rage. Gritting his teeth, he glared at Austin. He desperately wanted to dash forward and beat Austin up. However, he didn't let his fury get the better of him as it would all be futile. Instead, he cursed the champion in his heart.

'Damn it! I'm supposed to be the one getting the first position and taking all those rewards.

You took them away from me. I'll tear you into a million pieces, Austin Lin!'

The emperor joyously announced, "Well, now that our contestants have got their prizes, I'm going to talk about another reward—the quotas for entering the Mysterious Nether World."

Upon hearing this, all the people in the crowd turned their eyes towards the emperor and waited with a fixed gaze.

The Mysterious Nether World was under the control of the royal family. For cultivators in Violet Orchid Empire, it was a mysterious and sacred place full of endless treasures and secrets.

"Due to time and space constraints, we have been facing some problem with the entrance to the Mysterious Nether World. But even under these circumstance, the Mysterious Nether World is safe for people to enter.

Some experts have been observing the entrance for over a year now and have confirmed that the Mysterious Nether World will be ready to open in fifteen days.

Then a hundred people can be transported into the Mysterious Nether World without any problem.

Apart from the top fifty who have won in this Outstanding Talents Exchange Games, there are still fifty quotas left.

So, the five biggest sects will get five quotas each.

And the remaining 25 quotas will belong to the cultivator of the royal family."

Silence filled the whole palace as the emperor made the announcement. With their keen gaze focused on the emperor, all listened to his words intently. They didn't want to miss a single word that was uttered by him.

ueried in a reproachful tone as he narrowed his eyes at Theon indignantly.

"How dare you, Austin? Who do you think you are? How could you talk to a Sect Leader like this? You're being disrespectful!"

an Elder of the Sun Sect who stood beside Theon chided Austin sternly.

Theon waved his hand to stop the Elder and continued speaking to Austin, "It's okay. We should take responsibility for this. I assure you, I have already sent a few disciples to negotiate with Abbott. We asked him to release Evan and Herbert, or he will be regarded as an enemy by us," Theon's words slightly appeased Austin's fury. 'Now, if that is what he has said and done, I have no reason to snap at him. If I continue to do so, I'll be regarded as an unreasonable person, ' Austin thought.

Austin was a sensible and smart person. If others were good to him, he would be good to them too. But if others bullied or insulted him, he would get even with them.

"If Evan and Herbert get killed, Sun Sect will be responsible for their death indirectly.

If that happens, I'll avenge them and bring you to justice!"

Austin said gravely, before he turned around and walked away.

"What a rude brat! How dare he threaten us that way? He has gone too far. We can't let him go. We must teach him a lesson!"

the Elder hollered with anger as he watched Austin leave.

The Sun Sect disciples standing behind them started to talk ill about Austin.

"Just let it go!"

Theon ordered with a wave of his hand.

Austin stormed out of the throne room, while Dewey and Maria trotted behind. They found it difficult to keep up with him.

Blazing anger smoldered in Austin's heart.

'Blood Wolf Team. Abbott. Just wait! I'll make you pay for what you did to me and my friends!' he vowed to himself. He was filled with a desire to take revenge against all those who wronged him.

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