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   Chapter 424 A Thriving Family

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8534

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After the curtains fell on the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games, the participants as well as the spectators were asked to gather in the hall so that the prize giving ceremony could begin.

The first name called out was Austin's.

His heart leapt in joy when he heard the emperor announce his name. He had risked his life to fight in this competition and one of his main motives was the abundant prizes he would receive. He was doing that just right now.

The deeper he had drowned himself into the cultivating processes, the more he understood about the significance of the resources. For any cultivator, rare herbs and minerals, magic pills and advanced skills were absolutely essential in their progress.

Austin walked to the center of the hall and stopped right in front of the emperor.

He was graceful, calm, humble and showed no signs of vanity. He had the style of a winner who rightfully deserved his prize.

He had earned this on his own and he wanted to be elegant and graceful about it.

The more the emperor looked at Austin, the more he liked him. Austin's composure impressed the emperor.

At the same time, all other eyes were riveted on him too. Some looked at him with approval and admiration, and some with envy, bitterness and even malice.

The master of Flaming Sun Valley was making a huge effort to suppress his emotions. Austin had made himself a sworn enemy of Flaming Sun Valley after killing many of their disciples not long ago.

Austin's excellent performance had only provoked him. The master of Flaming Sun Valley was getting more and more agitated and was desperate to kill Austin.

However, they were all inside the royal palace and he had to act accordingly and stick to the rules.

The emperor was an expert in the Sky Realm. And the master of Flaming Sun Valley was certain that if he got himself in the emperor's bad books, the emperor would destroy him or, if he made him furious, even the whole valley in one motion.

The imperial family had established dominance in the Violet Orchid Empire. All other sects or forces would not even think of displeasing them.

Just then ten eunuchs and ten maids entered the room, each with a huge plate balanced on their heads.

On the plates were piled vital energy crystals. They were shining brightly and emitting large quantities of pure vital energy into the air.

"Austin, You were quite a dark horse in this competition. We have witnessed your meteoric rise in this competition, ascending from being a nobody to become the leadi

red, and they glittered. It was all too surreal and weird.

"Put a drop of your blood on the scroll, Austin," he said, smiling.

The eunuch handed Austin the scroll.

Austin nodded without hesitation. He cut his right thumb with one of his fingernails and squeezed a drop of blood onto the scroll.

Instantly the scroll came alive. Thousands of red, shining hair-like rays shot from the scroll towards the three lines of people and pierced right into their foreheads.

After the light vanished, 2500 people, men and women, each of them had a tiny, almost unnoticeable blood stain on the forehead, just like a birthmark.

Austin's heart came right in his mouth. He felt as if his soul was connected with these 2500 people.

However, he could feel there was something unequal about this connection. It was a connection that gave him the right to control these people, even kill them.

Austin realized that he could easily kill anyone from these 2500 people with his mind.

And the 2500 people also felt the connection. They too turned to look at Austin.

Their eyes showed an innate submission and worship. That was how they felt about Austin.

"Austin, the 2500 people belong to you from now on.

They will only take orders from you.

You want them to live, they live. You want them to die, they die. They can't act against your words. For them your word is the word of God."

As soon as the emperor finished his words, the 2500 people knelt and bowed to Austin.



Austin stiffened. In the past, only Violet called him master. Now he had 2500 people calling him their master. It seemed that he suddenly had a big, thriving family.

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