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   Chapter 422 The Focus Of Attention (Part Two)

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On the contrary, the people from Sun Sect didn't know what to feel. Their emotions were out of control and their faces were drained of color.

The two Elders, who led the group of disciples, murmured to themselves like they had lost their minds.

"How could it be?

How could it be...?"

In the meantime, Austin let out a whir.

He glanced at the three Grand Pagodas that he had proudly formed, and he indeed felt satisfied with himself.

It was the first time that he completed such a thing, and more specifically, it was the very first time that he had thought of it. But thanks to this crazy thought, he made it.

It was true that it cost him seventy percent of his vital energy to condense one Grand Pagoda.

It might be a mission impossible for cultivators of the same level as him, but with the precious vital energy stone in his elixir field, he could instantly restore his vital energy. The stone contained more than enough vital energy for Austin to use. In this way, he could condense the second Grand Pagoda shortly after the first one, then he refilled more vital energy to the third one. He could even condense more Grand Pagodas as he liked as long as he wanted.

Only with this precious vital energy stone that Austin could do whatever he wanted, and it was indeed a treasure blessed by the Heaven.

'With these three Grand Pagodas, I should be able to defeat Leo now, ' Austin thought.

His eyes looked back at Leo sharply and turned to face him.

"Are you satisfied with your punches? I believe you did, but now, it's my turn!" Austin declared.

Before the sound of his voice had died away, strong winds rumbled loudly and spread like a storm throughout the arena.

All the three Grand Pagodas vibrated and buzzed like a colony of bees, as if the whole beehive were going to attack. In the next moment, the Grand Pagodas quickly swept like lightning towards Leo. They were so strong that they could block the sky and cover up the earth. The Pagodas aimed dire

hed rules in the arena.

"Right! You're right! Leo is a genius and it's a great loss of the empire if he dies like that. He will be lots of help for the empire in future," he suddenly said. "Give out my order! Let's stop right here, and Austin wins!" the Emperor announced.

Without any hesitation, the old eunuch announced the Emperor's order to Austin and Leo, who were still fighting furiously inside the ring.

"What? Stop here? And I win?" Austin asked.

He couldn't help but be confused at the sudden turn of events.

On the other hand, Leo felt fully relieved, and the weight on his mind was suddenly lifted off. He was lucky to survive in such a dangerous battle, and the Emperor saved his life.

He was not generous enough to congratulate Austin, but instead cast a hateful glance at him before jumping out of the ring. He then left the arena without looking back.

Austin also jumped out of the ring after Leo.

So far, the vigorous Outstanding Talents Exchange Games had come to an end, and all the competitions were over.

And, the name matched the reality. Austin was the champion.

All the eyes were on Austin. All the people focused on the slender young man who took his time to jump down.

At that moment, the millions of people had focused their attention on him--and he deserved it.

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