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   Chapter 421 The Focus Of Attention (Part One)

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"Wow! It did feel different! The Mysterious Realm is so amazing that the Earth Realm can't really compare to it!" Austin couldn't help but exclaim in amazement.

After he had broken through, he was shocked at the strong fluctuation of vital energy force that surged inside him.

At that moment, Austin slowly raised his head at once and turned to look at Leo, who was still in shock. He decided to drop the idea of going far away.

Just then, Austin lifted both of his hands and quickly positioned them in front of his chest. Leo just saw his hands which moved gracefully like butterflies flitting through flowers. It was clear that Austin could easily use and handle this skill.

After a little while, several flashes of strong, light gold vital energy shot out from his palms and flowed steadily like floodwater.

Hardly before Austin took a few breaths, his vital energy formed a nine-story golden pagoda on his palm. Its body glittered like a surging golden river and it looked ready to rush forth.

As the golden pagoda came into being, Austin held it on one of his hands and put the other hand on his back. He looked solemn as the fabric of his clothes fluttered in the wind. It seemed that even his figure became stronger than it was a while ago. He looked just as imposing as a cultivator in the Mysterious Realm was.

Moreover, not only Austin's inner force but also his outer appearance had completely improved--all courtesy of the Mysterious Realm.

"Alright, then let's be serious, Leo!" Austin said somewhat casually.

"Austin, don't be so confident! I don't care if you have become one of the Mysterious Realm cultivators. Don't forget that I've reached the medium stage of Mysterious Realm, so you'd better not overestimate your own ability, even if you've just made a breakthrough!"

Leo felt his blood boil with envy. He couldn't deny the fact that Austin had completed a breakthrough during a fight, a fight with no one but himself. His eyes burned with fiery wrath whenever he thought about it, and thus he was determin

he was confused and spoke incoherently.

But right before Theon finished his words, Austin started to do some new movements. Suddenly, the two Grand Pagodas flew away from his palms and floated to both of his sides.

Meanwhile, he connected with the vital energy stone again with his senses, and his vital energy was instantly refilled. Austin felt refreshed all over and took several deep breaths to calm down.

Without even a pause, a third Grand Pagoda was erected on his palm, its body a glittering gold.

"Mr. Xiang, then what is that?" Emperor Arthur asked.

Although he himself knew little about these martial arts, he sensed that Austin just did something extraordinary.

"Coo, coo- ahhh…

Coo-ah, ahh…"

Theon knew that he needed to say something to the Emperor. But when he opened his mouth, he couldn't form anything coherent at all. His throat tightened as if someone had choked him, and all he could utter was the sound of an owl. Austin had rendered him speechless, and the audience spared no effort to praise him.

"Oh, my God! This is the most wonderful thing I've ever seen in my life!"

"It's a miracle! Look, Austin is absolutely a legend!"

"Austin, you're my idol! Oh, how I adore you!"

The whole area was filled with cheers and noise for a moment. As one voice fell, another rose, and it went on without a stop.

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