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   Chapter 420 The Preliminary Stage Of Mysterious Realm

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9881

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Loud, rumbling cheers erupted from the packed stadium as each person from the audience rooted for their favored competitor.

It was the last round of the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games, and with the sound of a siren, the battle between Austin and Leo began.

A hush fell over the citizens as they watched the stage with bated breaths.

Not a word was said;

only stares fixated on every movement the competitors were about to make.

The contenders gauged each other's power in portentous judgment as they stood with a distance of 30 feet apart.

Leo was the Violet Orchid Empire's venerated idol of all young people, whose exalted name had already been heard of by his challenger, Austin, when he was still in Sun Sect.

Austin felt giddy at the thought, having not expected that one day, he would even be permitted to stand on the same stage as Leo.

But now, here he was, swelling with pride in his chest upon coming this far.

The ups and downs he had experienced over the years were now coming into fruition. He felt all sorts of emotions surging within him; his confidence bursting in his heart as he recalled all his hardships.

It was because of that precise reason that Austin had held his head high in equanimity, even in the face of Leo, the top young martial artist in the empire.

His foe didn't miss his blatant display of will and determination.

Leo laughed, his handsome face twisting to reflect the ferociousness that lay behind his wild chortling. The day was clear, with no cold winds to help alleviate the humid heat. And yet, his clothes ruffled, dancing elegantly with a breeze produced by the aura of his energy.

"So, you're the famed dark horse," Leo grinned like a predator, his eyes shining with contempt.

"I've been waiting for this moment for a long time;

the former rivals I've met were too weak.

None of them even deserved to be called as my opponent!"

A nerve ticked in Austin's forehead in annoyance as Leo continued with his arrogant ramblings.

"You're a genius who's separated from mediocrity by nature. I seek for kids like us:

people who are commended outstanding in their field.

Because, only when our kind kneels to me, am I be able to cement the reputation of the overpowering strength I possess," He started pacing around; never letting his eyes stray too far from the other male's unmoving figure.

"You exist for my glory, just like how a leaf highlights the flower's beauty," Leo continued to say.

Austin grumbled in disdain at his words, "What the hell, you're the green leaf! Your whole family's the fucking leaves."

Although he might be a little riled up, Austin didn't let most of his foe's taunts sink deep into his mind. On the contrary, he couldn't help but start feeling bored with his rival's unnecessary gloating.

"I can tell by your expression that you think I'm some bragging dullard," Leo raised an eyebrow at the barely concealed

ll to its utmost power and sprinted along the space with lightning speed. His pace produced afterimages that made onlookers wallow in wonder.

"Fool! You know you can't run away from me," Leo laughed maniacally. His intoxication to his conceitedness blinded him from seeing through Austin's true intention.

He relentlessly pursued and attacked his agile form in full power, leaving a mess of scattered stones and gaping holes on the ruined battle ring.

Austin never despaired; finding that the process of his breakthrough had gone smoother under the severe onslaught of Leo's ruthless ambushes.

He persevered until an inexhaustible vital energy force began to release from his body in massive amounts.

Upon receiving the newly attained power, wind evinced around him and began to blow violently.

A reverberating boom resounded in the arena.

A cloud of dust was left in Austin's wake, almost obscuring the view of many as he lunged headfirst into near collision with one of Leo's fists.

Two golden rays shot out from his eyes, repelling his rival's ability with his tremendous vital energy force. His power kept growing as the seconds ticked by, appearing more and more to be almost of equal standing with Leo.

He had made the breakthrough

to the preliminary stage of Mysterious Realm!

'What happened? Did he achieve it during our battle?'

Leo mused in alarm, failing to comprehend what he had seen with his own eyes.

The bystanders cheered; thousands upon thousands under a mass hysteria after witnessing the unexpected outcome of the match.

"What the hell! Austin is really a freak!"

"He was at a disadvantage earlier, but then he made a breakthrough!

This fight is so exciting!"

Even with voices hoarse from constant shouting and yelling of words full of encouragement and support, the audience had not lost any amount of anticipation and eagerness they fostered for the battle unfolding before them.

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