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   Chapter 419 The Ultimate Battle (Part Two)

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At the moment, Austin felt deep reverence for this proud and reserved young warrior.

Symon could afford to accept what happened to him. The merits of it far outweighed the other defects he might have.

"Good! I promise you. Symon, I will be waiting for you, although I highly doubt you will be able to defeat me," Austin replied.

All wise men appreciated intelligence in others.

Symon looked at Austin in awe. Then at once, he turned around and jumped out of the battle ring, leaving at a confident pace.

All around Austin was deathly silence.

The result came as a surprise to everybody on the sidelines. They couldn't believe what had unfolded before their very eyes. They stared at Symon in disbelief. How could Austin defeat Symon without the slightest of efforts?

It was unimaginable of Symon to give up so easily. Leaving the battle ring was akin to waving the white flag of surrender. Symon, a man of iron, was not popular for admitting defeat.

They wondered if there were other reasons behind it.

Nobody knew exactly what occurred during the progress of the battles, but that didn't stop them from endless and unnecessary fault-findings. The young warriors were fond of the limelight. It was human nature, after all, and not something that ought to be criticized too harshly. But just now, when Symon left the ring, the verbose young men suddenly couldn't find their tongues. It was like somebody had seized them by their throats, letting no air in and no sound out.

However, no matter what these young men thought, the battle between Austin and Symon was over. Austin emerged victorious and Symon was defeated.

This legendary battle was now done and dusted! Austin had proved himself one more time.

Elsewhere, on the other battle rings, things were quite different.

Leo summoned nine fierce gigantic cannon-like Demon Fists. The Nine Demon Fists were enveloped in blood, fighting a three-legged golden crow with all their might. Raging flames emerged from inside the three-legged golden crow and shot into the sky.

"It is burning!" people screamed.

Two warriors fought a pitched battle.

Suddenly, Leo called out to his Nine Demon Fists.

The Nine Demon Fists answered the call of their master at once. They bellowed in a crushing roar of rage and suddenly

thunder rolled in the distance, the rumbling noise fast approaching the crow.

The Nine Demon Fists burst into flames and hit the three-legged golden crow on the head simultaneously. A combined force of as many as nine fists was behind the attack. The enormous power could easily tear mountains and rivers apart.

Sad and shrill wails were torn out of the three-legged golden crow. It keened like ghosts and howled like wolves. Shortly after, the bird fell onto the ground and burst into nothingness.

A tremble ran through the battle ring as the large bird hit the ground, hammering a crater right in the center of it—a result of the explosion and shock waves of the furious vital energy. The battle ring looked to be utterly ruined because of the deep, wide hole.

The three-legged golden crow's explosion affected Garret too. As the battle ring collapsed, he was knocked unconscious underneath. He now hung betwee

he harsh reality of it all.

The breakthrough of vital energy was particular about letting nature take its own course. Forcing the body would only lead to devastating consequences—too ghastly to even contemplate.

"I quit! I don't want to fight anymore!" someone shouted all of a sudden.

It happened so soon that the eunuch had no idea how to react at first.

Garret from the Flaming Sun Valley was who had spoken up. He looked pale and listless in spirit. The onlookers hadn't realized before how severely wounded he was from the previous battle. He was now at a stage where he had to choose one option out of two: to die with honor or to default in the semi-finals. It was clear that he had come to a decision.

He was no match for Symon, the King of Blade, even when he was at his zenith, let alone now, when he could barely catch his breath. He surrendered to his despair.

It was better to live a wretched existence than to experience untimely death—that was Garret's philosophy. Admitting defeat was not shameful, he consoled himself.

Practically speaking, Garret had made the correct choice. While there was life, there was hope. Nobody could blame him for choosing the easy way out, although this decision of his would become a blot on his past.

"All right, I hear you. Garret from the Flaming Sun Valley has given up on account of injury. Is there anyone else who wants to withdraw from this game?

If there is none. I hereby announce, the third place of the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games goes to

Symon, the King of Blade!

Now, onto the finalists, Leo and Austin, please!"

"To the battle ring! To the battle ring! To the battle ring!" the voices in the crowd rose in chants and the eunuch left the stage.

With a flash of light, Austin and Leo disappeared in the blink of an eye. The crowd's eyes searched around wildly and found them already in the battle ring. Austin took in a deep breath. He and Leo looked at each other in silence.

They knew that the final round of the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games would culminate in a fierce battle. They had made up their minds to fight it out here today.

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