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   Chapter 418 The Ultimate Battle (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7357

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Someone darted out of nowhere. It was Symon, the famous King of Blade. He had finally made his move.

The movement was so quick that a person could barely catch it with his eyes. The sparks on Symon's sharp blade appeared one moment and vanished the next, making it obvious to all that his art of blade was perfection.

The speed of the blade was not in the least reduced by the air friction. The spectators watched the soul-stirring scene with bated breath.

Seeing the blade coming at him, Austin took a step back from his position. His movement was barely perceivable. It was always better to stay put than to move.

Time seemed to freeze and the air itself seemed to stop moving. It was so quiet and still that one could hear a pin drop.

This was the only chance Symon would get, so the blow he delivered had to be deadly.

A decisive blow.

The sharp edge of the blade approached Austin with an apparent crushing force.

The friction between the blade and the air created more gleaming sparks. The blinding light ricocheted in every direction. Time seemed to stop and space seemed to halt its existence. The spectators' thoughts and souls were as if caged by an undeniable fear. However, Austin himself was unaffected. He was still sharp and swift. This time, he dodged quickly to his right.

The blade came down with a terrific crash. Austin stood on the tips of his toes. It looked like he had evaded the deadly attack without the slightest scratch. A mighty bang echoed across the battle ring. The blade had lacerated the ground, erupting showers of sparks at the exact time it made nearby stones fly and burst into scorching flames. They were as bright as the sun. The crowd was nearly blinded.

By the time the spectators regained steady breaths, the magnificent scene previously before them had vanished. The two opponents standing seemed so tranquil, like nothing fazed them at all. However, the brutally damaged battle ring said otherwise.

'The chilling blade and the sparks, were they real?' people wondered as they snapped out of their dreamlike state.

Austin and Symon looked at each other in absolute silence.

The spectators whispered among themse

He looked up and stared at Austin in bewilderment. Symon was a young and mighty warrior, the favorite of his times. But now, Austin had all but trampled all over his confidence. He slunk into despair almost in an instant.

"Yes, yes. You are right. How can you be wrong?

You win and l lose.

I concede my defeat to you, Austin.

However, make no mistakes—I will be back. You are not better than me. You never will be. You lord it over me as if you are superior to me. Don't be so arrogant and condescending! I will be back! You'd better bear that in mind.

This is not the end of me. I will resign and return to my hometown, in remote mountains and virgin forests, and live there in seclusion. I will grind away at the art of the sword. I will imbibe in me the true meaning of a warrior one day. When that day comes, I will throw down the gauntlet. I hope you shall rise to my challenge.

I do not bear a grudge against you, Austin, though you do defeat me in front of everybody today.

I am grateful to you. Do you want to know why? Because you have become my new prey. I have set my sights on defeating you. I was sick of being invincible! You saved me from that boredom and gave me a second life.

I've said enough! Just remember, you have to wait for me. Wait for me to defeat you!"

Symon didn't stay sullen for too long. On the contrary, his sorrow and listlessness vanished soon, to be replaced with a wave of rekindled hope.

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