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   Chapter 417 You Are Rather Weak (Part Two)

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His words convinced almost all the surrounding people. They turned to look at Symon in a new light, with admiration as if he were already the winner.

"I don't think the highlight of this battle is the result. I'm dying to know if Austin is able to last long enough to make Symon launch a second stab.

After all, Symon has never done it before. None of his previous opponents was able to survive his single stab. What a powerful young man!"

the man praised. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as if he was recalling some of Symon's previous wonderful battles. . .

In the battle ring, however, Austin looked at Symon calmly, serene like the proverbial calm before a storm. There was no sign of nervousness on his face.

Symon was quiet, wearing a broad smile. But if you took a closer look, you could tell from his cold eyes that his smile did not reach his eyes and it was not sincere at all. Disdain could be seen in his eyes.

Austin and Symon looked at each other with great interest, sizing each other up hoping to gauge their opponent's weaknesses.

Austin felt as if he were being targeted by a dangerous beast.

Not until then did Austin realize that Symon's body was covered with a dense blade aura. This blade aura was emitting negative, evil mental waves as if sending a warning for him to keep off.

There was a kind of will delivered by Symon's blade aura, which warned others that Symon himself was invincible.

No wonder his opponents couldn't help but feel a sudden compulsion to go down on their knees and surrender. If Symon's opponent was a less determined man, Symon didn't even have to launch his attack. He could destroy his mental de

n that, you have no other means of action.

Let me put it in another way. As long as I can block your blade, then you won't be able to hurt me anymore.

And it'll be a piece of cake for me to kill you."


Truth be told, I've put my heart and soul into cultivating my blade, and I don't have any other means of attack.

But do you really think you can block my blade?"

Symon didn't deny what Austin had said. After saying that, he no longer held back his killing intention. Since the little punk had dared to question his abilities, he decided to show him just how powerful his blade skill was. Streaks of blade-light were sent out from his eyes.

Suddenly, the battle ring blurred in people's eyes and no one could tell what was happening.

It was as if the whole place had experienced a tremor. And then.. Clank!


People in the audience seemed to have seen a flash of light in the battle ring.

But they were not so sure about what they had seen or experienced since when they blinked their eyes, they saw nothing.

The truth was, Symon finally launched his attack.

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