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   Chapter 416 You Are Rather Weak (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6111

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There were only seven people fighting for the top three positions of the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games. Each of them had what would be considered extraordinary abilities and was one in a thousand. They were all the leading ones among all the young cultivators of Violet Orchid Empire.

Austin and the teen stood in the battle ring, staring at each other. He was the young man who always mercilessly finished his opponents off with just one blade stab.

Both Austin and that teen had been unknown to the public before they had taken part in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games since there were other better-known competitors and crowd favorites. However, gradually, they had attracted more and more attention with their performance and prowess.

Even now, many people in the audience didn't know Symon's name or background. He appeared to be very mysterious to the public. People wondered if he was from a powerful clan or sect.

People had paid little attention to either Austin or Symon, because neither of them had a strong background, nor were they associated with any powerful families, clans or sects. But it turned out that they were both dark horses.

Upon seeing the two men in the batter ring, finally facing off with each other, people in the audience could not hold their excitement and began to speculate on the outcome of the upcoming fight.

"This is going to be fun—Austin versus the King of Blade. The fight between the two strongest cultivators!" one said.

People in the audience nicknamed that teen "the King of Blade." In his previous battles, he eliminated every opponent with just one blade stab. No one could survive from his lethal blade attack.

"It sounds amazing. Guys, who do you think will win?"

another one asked curiously.

"It's hard to say who will win.

Austin has cul

tent is called 'blade potential.' With the mysterious blade potential, he can control his blade as he wishes.

Only cultivators above the Mysterious Realm can possibly defeat Symon, because only they have spiritual sense. Spiritual sense is a kind of mental power. Only cultivators with spiritual sense can feel Symon's blade potential, and thus block his attack."

Blade potential?

Mental power? Spiritual sense?

When the man spewed out such strong words describing advanced techniques, the rest of them couldn't make out what he was talking about since none of them had ever heard the techniques he was talking about.

Despite the confusion, some of them couldn't help but nod in approval. His words did make some sense to them.

"So, Austin is likely to lose," someone said.

"Right. Austin's strong physical power, his cultivation base, and his level 7 sword intent are no longer a secret to us. Symon, on the contrary, hasn't put his cards on the table yet. He has killed all his opponents with just a single stab from his formidable blade. I guess a talented young man like him must have more powerful and mysterious means that we are not aware of yet. So, Symon will win for sure," the man said.

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