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   Chapter 415 One Blade

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The battle between Danny and the strikingly handsome teen had not started. Both remained still.

The way this teen fought couldn't be simpler. To be precise, it couldn't be more boring.

In each battle, he only needed one blade.

Every time the blade appeared, a life ended.

Everyone had failed in determining how this blade worked. It seemed as though the teen didn't use any blade skill or blade intent.

However, this far into the tournament, no one had survived this one blade.

If Danny was being honest, upon being teleported onto the battle ring and discovering that this teen was his first opponent, he couldn't help but feel terrified.

He had actually observed how his opponents fought, but he couldn't figure out how and when this particular cultivator would strike. The unknown was the most dangerous.

Without knowing the opponent's technique, how could Danny even devise a plan against him? Was defeating him even possible?

So, Danny decided to continue observing the teen until he could make something out. As long as the opponent kept still, Danny did the same. The two of them stared at each other. Before it even started, the battle reached a deadlock.

Time passed. While this battle ring was quiet, the battles in the two other rings had finished.

The two cultivators in this battle seemed to be petrified. Aside from the occasional blinking, they were completely immobile.


"Oh? You seem to be scared of me."

A big grin was now plastered on the teen's face. His skin was unbelievably clear and he had red lips and stunning white teeth. His smile was inexplicably gorgeous. One wouldn't be surprised if he stood out even among a group of attractive women.

"Alright. Once my blade is out, you will be dead. It's like your ticket to hell. My blade will take you there.

No one can escape it, not even you. This will only result in your death!

So, are you ready to accept your fate?"

The teen was smiling warmly. The scene was rather hilarious. Even though his words were frightening, he had a facial expression that looked like he was talking to a close friend.

The longer he smiled, the more pressured Danny felt. Beads of sweat started to form on his forehead.

'I still can't figure out how his blade works. It seems like waiting isn't effective. If he uses his flying blade again, I don't think I'll be able to dodge it. Maybe I should change my strat

ugh, to decipher the process.

The best he could do was guess. He surmised that the speed of the blade was beyond the speed of one's spiritual sense. So, before a person even realized that a blade was coming to take his or her life, he or she would have already been dead.

Plus, throughout the battle, both of the teen's hands were purposely hidden in his long sleeves. No one would easily figure that he was holding a blade, ready to attack. Thus, it would be almost impossible to predict when the blade would be thrown.

If his move couldn't be predicted, how he made the move would naturally be hard to grasp. How could one possibly defend oneself without knowing where the attack would come from and when it would be dealt?

Austin fell into a reverie. The further he delved into the teen's blade, the deeper his understanding of that move became.

How could he guard himself against that blade?

Austin began cracking his brain for answers to the difficult question. . .

"Alright, the first round of battles for the top three is over now.

The winners are Leo from the Peripatetic Sect, Garret from the Flaming Sun Valley, and... this teen who uses the blade.

The second round will start now," the old eunuch announced.

"Shiu- Shiu- Shiu- Shiu-"

Four flashes of light appeared and instantly, four people were teleported to the battle rings.

"It's him!"

Austin stood on his feet and stared at the opponent. He was speechless. Unfortunately, the opponent in this round was none other than the teen who mastered the blade!

It was the killer who never needed a second blade!

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