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   Chapter 414 Diabolic Wolf Formula

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Finally, the number of candidates for the Mysterious Nether World challenge was down to 50.

The ultimate round of the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games was said to be the most nerve-racking of all. The Games was supposed to crown the top three cultivators in the Empire, making the competition highly aggressive. Plus, with Emperor Arthur pinning the prize at an exorbitant amount of money, weaponry, formulas, servants and houses, all sorts of cultivators were tempted to go all out. Once, you became the top three, life would mean a dream as Emperor Arthur recognizes the trio as honorary princes.

And yet this dream meant risking it all, including their lives. Getting into battle could lead to a crippling injury or even death. Which is why only the best and most confident young cultivators signed up for the round. After all, it made sense to bet on a horse that was destined to win.

Finally, only seven out of the 50 shortlisted candidates signed up for the final round.

43 of the candidates stopped fighting willingly. They were more than happy to be a part of the Mysterious Nether World team and keep it at just that. To aim for a spot in the top three could mean losing out on an advantage that they already had.

For the ten princes rooting for their respective formations, the outcome had been neither exhilarating nor disappointing. For a few princes, seven or eight of their cultivators had reached the top 50 positions while some princes had only two or three fighters in the illustrious ranks of combatants. "Gee?

Tin, will you fight the final round? Do you think you have it in you to be one of the top three?"

As Dewey put the question to Austin, he heard his friend's name being announced as one of the seven participants for the final round. His jaw dropped. Austin had already registered!

"Well, Tin indeed you are qualified to fight in the last round. I am glad you are one of the seven. But, I'll be honest with you, somehow I didn't see this coming at all," said Dewey. The fact was that Austin stood a few meters too many from Dewey, which is why he couldn't hear most of what Dewey was saying. And yet Dewey's judgment of Austin's abilities was on point and always had been from the start. He was a man of rational judgment and knew how to gauge any cultivator's ranking. But somehow with Austin, he had fallen short in his understanding by quite a margin.

"I too had an intuition that Austin will shock us as a fighter for the top three spots," said Maria, looking at Austin thoughtfully.

Besides Austin, Dewey, Maria and Philip had also ranked in the top 50 and they were now members of the Mysterious Nether World team. So in all, there were four people from Prince Reuben's team who had earned their place in the Mysterious Nether World.

After inwardly struggling for a long time, Philip had decided to give up the thought of joining the ultimate round. It was impossible for him to be one of the top three. He knew that. In fact, he thought that Austin too wouldn't make it.

So he snorted in contempt at Austin and wal

Formula. When one reaches the Major Achievement Stage, an ancient diabolic wolf can be summoned from ether. Legend says that they are incredibly hard to defeat but I had never expected any of it to be true."

"Dear courtiers, do you think Wilson will make a miracle and beat Leo?"

asked Emperor Arthur, looking at the five Sect Leaders.

"Your Majesty, Wilson's Diabolic Wolf Formula is powerful, but I see that he started practicing the formula not too long ago. Summoning a diabolic wolf is his limit. Also, Leo's Nine-demon Bloody Fist has attained the Major Achievement Stage, which is going to be immensely formidable for Wilson. In that case, Leo will prove himself to be the stronger of the two."

The Sect Leader of the Peripatetic Sect gave his clear analysis to the emperor.

The other sect leaders nodded in agreement but remained silent. All of them thought Wilson was going after a rhino with a butter knife. On the battle ring, Wilson looked pale. Obviously he had tried his best. Summoning the diabolic wolf had cost him much of his energy.

And the Peripatetic Sect Leader was right. Leo motivated the Nine Demon Fists above his head and ordered it to tear the diabolic wolf to shreds. Seeing his imminent defeat, Wilson vomited blood and in a panic, dashed to break his number plate to teleport out of the battle ring petrified that he was about to die.

Now all eyes were on Garret from the Flaming Sun Valley and Caden from the Bloody Hero Gang's fight. They too were neck and neck in superiority. But Garret was a little better than Caden. After a fierce battle, Caden was thrown out of the battle ring as Garret charged a violent attack at him. Garret won the battle.

On the battle ring of Danny from the Joy Gang and the beautiful young man, the fight turned out to be really boring. The outcome was already known and there was no thrill to captivate everyone's attention.

The young man stood still as he waited for Danny's attack. Danny too was prepared as he had studied all of the young man's combats.

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