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   Chapter 413 A Wise Decision

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Austin and Michael were participating in the tournament on behalf of the Prince Reuben. As a result, they were supposed to be teammates.

Michael was going through a series of mixed emotions. Before this Outstanding Talents Exchange Games, he had fought against Austin multiple times.

It was after their last fight that he realized that the skill he was proud of didn't work at all against Austin. Besides, he had observed Austin's performance and had become aware of his power. This caused Michael to be slightly afraid of him.

When Michael found out that he was going to face Austin in the next round, a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

He didn't think he could defeat Austin.

The moment Austin caught sight of Michael, his eyes grew tense and outlook colder.

The two were supposed to work with each other since they were fighting for Reuben. But, Michael always acted like he was superior to Austin, teased him and even put him down several times. Austin was upset with this treatment and sincerely wanted Michael dead.

Austin focused his cold, merciless eyes on Michael.

Michael stared at him, feeling slightly queasy.

They looked straight at each other.

Michael detected a strong sense of mercilessness and indifference inside Austin.

His heart skipped a beat due to this inescapable fear.

'Austin is annoying, but he is a tough opponent nevertheless. He possesses a horribly strong physical strength and swift movement speed. He has mastered an overwhelming martial arts skill. What's more, he has also grasped the level 7 sword intent. I have to admit that I can't beat him.

I have an idea though. I'll pretend to be friendly and make peace with him.

Humph! And then, when I find a chance, I'll bring him down!' Michael thought to himself.

He bit his lower lip and walked up to Austin.

He stopped in front of Austin, swallowed his pride and bowing to him slight, said, "Buddy, there have been some misunderstandings between us.

I'm sorry for my rude actions and I hope you are willing to bury the hatchet.

After all, haven't we signed up in this game on behalf of the same prince? I'm sure he hopes to see us to cooperate with each other so that he gets to win this game. After all, he wants to sit on the throne and we're here to help him.

In a word, we should act as friends not enemies.

How about we finish this pretense of a fight later? I bet 24 contestants will be eliminated soon.

That way, we could enter into the Mysterious Nether World. I believe that will please the prince, and he will reward us handsomely.

And we could work together after we enter the Mysterious Nether World. It's a win-win solution. What do you say?"

Michael had tried to be as sincere and cordial as he could, trying to persuade Austin to believe that he had offered the suggestion for the sake of both of them and didn't have any ulterior motive.

However, Austin was perceptive enough and had already seen through his little trick. He had noticed the fleeting traitorous intention in Michael's eyes before he had spoken. He knew that Michael would make a move to take him down once he got an opportunity. Of course, he had no intention of taking his advice.

Austin glanced at Michael coldly and snorted. In a detached voice

nter the Mysterious Nether World!

Those who were trying to buy them more time were overjoyed at the sudden announcement.

Dewey laughed out and exclaimed cheerfully, "I made it! I made it! I broke into the top 50. I can have a trip to the Mysterious Nether World."

Dewey's joy was beyond words. He was about to dance in his extreme joy but stopped when his eyes met Caden's angry glare. Slightly scared, he tuned down his celebrations and sneaked out of the battle ring.

"As for those qualified contestants, please come over to me. I will have to make an announcement," an old eunuch declared loudly.

The fifty contestants strode up to the eunuch in anticipation of what was to come.

"Congratulations everyone. After fierce fights, you have finally earned the chance to enter into the Mysterious Nether World.

As for this Outstanding Talents Exchange Games, there is still one round left to finish

the finals.

Now if you want to take part in the finals, please stand on my left.

If not, please stand on the right.

The finals will be a battle between the best cultivators. I'm sure you know the risks if you choose to participate in the finals.

So please think twice before you make a decision.

If you overestimate your power or underestimate that of others, you might die and miss the chance to enter the Mysterious Nether World," the eunuch said firmly.

'These fifty contestants in front of me are the elites among the young generation of the Violet Orchid Empire.

There is a strong chance of there being deaths and casualties in the finals. It would be a loss to lose any of them, ' he brooded.

Half an hour later, a majority of the participants stood on the right, recusing themselves from participating in the finals.

Only seven contestants stood on the left.

Most contestants felt that only elite cultivators like Leo were qualified for the finals. Although they were convinced they were good enough to break into the top fifty, they didn't think they were powerful enough to fight for the first place. They perceived that it was a wise decision to not participate.

Seven cultivators had chosen to participate in the finals.

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