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   Chapter 412 The Final Knockout (Part Two)

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And yes, today, your victory also depends on your fortune. If you are assigned a strong opponent, you may be eliminated quickly. If you are assigned with a weak man, you can get promoted easily.

So, the last round is a competition of both strength and fortune!

It is entirely possible that on some battle rings, the competitors are acquaintances or even old friends. And since there is a chance that they will cooperate with each other and delay until 24 others are eliminated, in order to avoid such a situation, the last round of the competition will only last for an hour. If 24 competitors haven't been eliminated after an hour, everyone will draw lots at the end which will determine who gets a chance to enter the Mysterious Nether World.

So, everyone, don't restrain your strength. If you have to draw lots to decide whether you will be promoted or not, your future will depend entirely on your fortune. No matter how strong you are, there is a chance that you will be eliminated when you draw lots.

Now, let's start our competition now."

'The competition is only going to last for an hour. After an hour, if we don't defeat 24 competitors, the final team to enter into the Mysterious Nether World will be decided on chance entirely?' Everyone was going over the idea carefully.

As soon as the old eunuch finished his words, all the competitors' number plates lit up. They were going to be teleported.

Lights suddenly flashed in the arena. A stream of spatial teleportation power suddenly sent the 74 competitors to the 37 battle rings in a moment.

Before they could recover, the fight was on!

Everyone started their battle with fierce attacks as soon as they saw their opponent.

As the competition had reached its final knockout phase, each of the remaining 74 competitors was as strong as the other which meant the fights were going to be fierce.

elf to be his brother-in-law.

"Annoying trash! Why are there so many trash people in such competitions?"

The boy looked at his opponent calmly and shook his head with a deep sigh.

"Wait, young man, I'm serious ... Er …"

Before the slender young man could finish his words, his eyes suddenly caught sight of a sliver-white flash from their corners. The next second, a small sharp blade was stuck into his throat and he couldn't even complete the rest of his words. He fell down with deep gurgling sounds.

Another competitor had been eliminated!

A few moments after the competition started, about a dozen competitors had already been eliminated in the battle rings.

Obviously, the players who thought that they were stronger than their opponents were unwilling to determine their destination just by the drawing of lots. So, they were all unreserved and strove to defeat their opponents in the shortest possible time. . . .

After Austin was teleported, he found himself standing in a battle ring face to face with a man.

"Austin? It's you!"

Hearing the voice, Austin raised his head and looked at his opponent.

A familiar figure was standing in front of him. He hadn't expected that his opponent would be Michael!

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