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   Chapter 411 The Final Knockout (Part One)

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After four rounds of the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games were complete, a troubling figure of 74 players was left. The next round would be to eliminate the surplus and rank the top 50.

However, now arose a problem. Twenty-four people needed to be eliminated now to bring the count down to 50.

But if the competition went on like the previous four rounds where players fought one-on-one, half of the players would be eliminated and only thirty-seven would have been left.

So right now, everyone in the audience was curious to figure out how the competition was going to proceed from here.

When Austin returned to the team of Prince Reuben, he saw that only six players were left now. There had been a hundred players fighting for Prince Reuben but after the previous four rounds, a majority of them had been eliminated.

One thing that surprised Austin right now was the fact that after fighting with Owen, the golden sphere inside his elixir field had absorbed the efficacy of two different kinds of secret elixirs. Austin now felt that his vital energy cultivation base had vaguely touched the brim of a breakthrough. Therefore, instead of resting, he chose to spend the next hour sitting down with his legs crossed and ordered the vital energy inside his body to fill his energy meridians with the help of the Golden Sun Scripture.

After participating in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games and seeing so many cultivators who were still very young but already at the medium or premium stage of Earth Realm, Austin realized that his own cultivation base which was at the premium stage of Earth Realm was hardly worth mentioning. So, he was now very eager to improve his cultivation base and make a breakthrough.

More importantly, his greatest enemies were Jaime of the Sun Sect and two more giant forces—the Flaming Sun Valley and the Blood Wolf Team. Austin knew that only if he broke into the Mysterious Realm could he defend himself well in the future.

So when he found that his c

the competition."

Somehow, the shrill voice of the old eunuch reached every competitor's ears clearly and was loud enough so that it made them feel that he was standing right next to them. This clearly showed the old eunuch's superior strength in terms of cultivation base.

"74 contestants remain who are going compete for the 50 spots. Those who qualify will go to the Mysterious Nether World. Now, I know you're been wondering how the final round of the competition will take place.

Do not worry. I shall explain it to you."

The old eunuch continued slowly with a very leisurely look on his face.

The contestants were so anxious at this moment, they hated the old eunuch's slow way of speaking.

"The last round will proceed like this:

The 74 players are going to be paired randomly. These pairs will fight in the battle rings as usual.

During that process, the 24 players who are defeated first will be eliminated and the remaining 50 will be promoted.

In other words, not all 37 pairs of players need to defeat their opponent. Now, the question here, is of time. So either destroy your enemy as soon as possible, or keep going for as long as you can. The first 24 losers will be eliminated, and after that, even if a fight is going on in a ring, they can stop and proceed to the next round together.

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