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   Chapter 410 Qualifying For The Final Round

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In the battle ring.

"That's impossible!"

Owen thundered in a mighty voice that drowned out all other speech. He was unwilling to believe what had just happened. The Great Vajra Palm, aided by two different kinds of elixirs, had exploded with a bang. Lively flames shrouded by wreaths of dark, red smoke shot out from the explosion and leaped around in the battle ring like dancing spirits.


Could it be true that the smoke and flames from the explosion have revealed the full potency of the Savage and Devil Power Elixir, as well as the Heaven and Earth Burning Elixir?

It appears that both kinds of elixirs have a masculine energy.

These are a great tonic to me.'

Overjoyed, a bright light ball shot forth from Austin's elixir field, motivated by his very thought.

Greedily, the light ball began to devour all of the smoke which permeated the air as well as the flames which were scattered upon the battle ring. In less than one minute, the battle ring was cleared of smog and became sunny again, as if nothing had happened!


It feels like the light ball of my elixir field is growing bigger with the increased boost of all the elixirs I have just devoured. Is my vital energy realm making its way to the next level?

Could it be?

Is it a sign of a looming breakthrough to the Mysterious Realm?'

Austin thought with a gasp. Only a few cultivators were capable of reaching the Mysterious Realm from the Earth Realm, even after a whole life's cultivation. Even in the realm of the Violet Orchid Empire, only a few dozen cultivators had reached the Mysterious Realm, while Earth Realm cultivators were too numerous to count.

'A Mysterious Realm cultivator would certainly make for a one man powerhouse in the Violet Orchid Empire.

Such great potency from Owen's elixirs! This is really quite beyond my expectation.' Austin's heart was singing.

"Ha ha ha, now it's my turn to counterattack. Hope that you've enjoyed your attack!" He burst out into laughter.

Glaring at Owen's pale face and terribly scared eyes, Austin could only feel his own heart throb with a great happiness.

Austin launched his Wind-commanding Skill. And in the blinking of eye he hovered in front of Owen, ready to launch his attack. Only a shadow remained in the spot where he had launched from.

This was the last thing that Owen would have expected: his trump skill, which he had spent a dozen years on, was being outfoxed by Austin in a second!


Owen into pulpy pieces of flesh and broken bones, Austin clapped his hands in satisfaction and strolled back to Prince Reuben's camp, quite relaxed.

'Oh? Have they advanced to the final round as well?' Austin thought.

He found Dewey and Maria in the camp, which meant that they had won out in the fourth round as well.

Now six of the cultivators recruited by Prince Reuben had gone through to the fourth round of the tryouts, including Austin, Dewey, Maria, Michael, Philip, and Joshua.

Michael, Philip, and Joshua were not happy with Austin's victory. Especially Michael and Philip. They just snorted derisively behind his back at his victory, because they had already fallen out with Austin.

To Austin's surprise, however, Dewey had somehow also advanced to the final tryout. It seemed that he had also cultivated a hidden martial master-hand.

It was possible to gain victory, if luck was with him in the first two rounds, facing weak opponents.

But strength and perseverance would be required as the rivals also grew stronger in the last two rounds.

Among over 150 players, 70 had advanced to the final round after the fourth round of tryouts.

"All winners, go back to your own camps. The final tryout will begin in half an hour. 50 Players will be selected to enter the Mysterious Nether World," the sharp and high-pitched voice of the old eunuch spread across the Imperial Warfare Field.

At last, the final tryout was drawing near!

All of the contestants and commons were babbling excitedly and wondered: what would the final battle be like?

Which 50 players would qualify to enter the Mysterious Nether World?

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