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   Chapter 409 The Great Vajra Palm (Part Two)

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Owen was beaming with delight and watching Austin struggle brought him special pleasure. "How does it feel, Austin? I am surprised you're still standing even after multiple attacks of my Great Vajra Palm. No sweat! How long will you stand, anyway?

You are indeed a worthy opponent. I am very much impressed, although I will have to kill you now."

Owen sounded as if he thought he was almighty and was now in charge of whether Austin lived or died. He thought he was completely in control of the situation, as well as everything that was happening in the battle ring.

"It seems like this is the best the Great Vajra Palm can achieve," Austin reassured himself.

It was enough. Austin knew if he kept sustaining Owen's attacks, it was pointless. The entire purpose of the battle was to defeat the other. It was time for Austin to begin his attacks, otherwise this standoff would never end. Austin, however, couldn't underestimate Owen at any cost for he had cultivated a strong, tough body power.

But Owen wasn't a novice. By the time Austin had come to that decision, he had another blow coming towards him.

Austin was ready. In a trice, he put his Wind-commanding Skill into action and dodged the attack of the Great Vajra Palm deftly.

Jumping to the other end of the battle ring, he crossed his fingers and released his vital energy. Instantly, a stream of vital energy came pouring out of his fingers and began swirling around his hands like golden snakes.

He then gathered the vital energy in his hands and activated his mind control skill. The vital energy following his mind's instructions gradually formed into a nine-layered golden tower.

The golden tower began emanating streaks of blinding light which surrounded the entire battle ring giving it a golden border. The tower was also absorbing the vital energy that Austin had released at the same time.

The tower had now collected so much energy that it began to vibrate. Vital energy winds began flowing out of the tower, wrapping everything in its golden hued blanket.

Austin's mind control skill expertly controlled the tower as he now made it even larger and longer. It then suddenly turned tangible, floating in front of Austin as if waiting for his command. Realizing that the nine-layered tower was in its most powerful stage, he ordered it to attack the Great Vajra Palm.

Objectively, it was a major achievement that Austin was able to make a nine-layered tower. He had already succeeded in cultivating the third step of the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill, which was also incidentally the highest stage he could achieve.

Although he had cultivated this nine-layered Grand Pagoda, he had never tested its power on anyone. He knew this was the right time to unravel its mystery and see how powerful it was.

The moment the nine-layered Grand Pagoda and the Great Vajra Palm met in the a

ld be so strong as to be able to finish all three stages of the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill and reach the Major Achievement Stage?

Everyone felt they were in a dream, for such drama and such turn of events could never happen in reality—and yet here it was.

They knew that on the basis of strength, Austin now held a substantial advantage over any one of them. This was not a good sign to the Sun Sect as it brought back some unhappy memories.

All the disciples of the Sun Sect were amazed by Austin's power, but were also frightened at the same time.

Those who had doubts on his skills before, were now watching Austin with admiration and respect.

Only the Sect Leader Theon, upon noting Austin's powerful strength, was regretful about his decisions in the past.

The best disciple he thought could compete in a game of such quality was Braxton. But to his disappointment, Austin had defeated him in the previous round, and that was quite easy. Braxton had just walked on the stage and Austin had beaten him badly to death. Surprisingly, Austin himself, after going through so many rounds, still remained uninjured.

'Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill? How did I not predict that Austin could cultivate this skill?' Theon sighed and murmured to himself.

While marveling at Austin's strength, Theon wistfully wished that he had treated him better in the past. He deeply regretted conspiring with the Flaming Sun Valley and the Blood Wolf Team to chase Austin away. If he had chosen to back Austin at the time, he wouldn't be so guilt-ridden now and would have earned a good reputation for himself and popularity for his sect.

"How is this even possible?"

From the other side of the battle ring, came the grey-haired old man's baffled and bewildered voice. The original gloating look that his face had had since long vanished, and was replaced by an astonishing wonder over Austin's strength.

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