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   Chapter 408 The Great Vajra Palm (Part One)

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"I had least expected Owen to be so smart that he now has the ability to combine two kinds of elixirs and put them into a martial arts skill to help strengthen his power as well as the force with which he attacks. This fellow has always been so quiet and wordless. Guess he has been quietly but consistently working on his skills! Who would have thought that he would give us such a surprise today?" an old man with grey hair cried joyfully.

The old man was so pleased by Owen's magical performance that his face routinely contorted from his incessant laughing. His excitement was palpable. The old man, with his soft and delicate skin, seemed to be an accomplished pill refiner. Streams of purple mists floated outwards from him, the fragrance that surely smelled like one from an elixir spread itself diligently in the atmosphere.

Hearing the old man's appreciation of Owen, Emperor Arthur nodded his head in consent. "You are right. This young man is really an excellent fighter. Did he come from the Gongsun Clan? I am quite impressed by his performance. It looks like our Violet Orchid Empire has been constantly cultivating quite a few talented fighters in recent years," the emperor complimented.

He then began contemplating, trying hard to make sense of something. "But, you know what? I have been wondering about something that has been running in my mind constantly. In the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games this year, I can see that you top five sects have dispatched a number of excellent disciples to participate, and their strengths are indeed very impressive.

However, contrary to what I have anticipated, the sects other than these top five also have some prominent disciples. I have hardly heard the names of the disciples who've come from the smaller sects. Yet, their capabilities are on par with the disciples from the well-established sects.

It intrigues me to think of how these small sects were able to train such proficient fighters given they have a limited amount of cultivation resources. The fact that these disciples also stick to their small sects is a worthy observation. Maybe, if you train with a smaller sect, there is an implicit pressure to train harder given that you will be fighting against a sect with much more resources and you don

e with wonder.

Austin was now on the back foot, as Owen had successfully carried out an attack and suppressed Austin's power. "You can go to hell now!" Owen shouted.

Owen felt a certain degree of thrill seeing how hard his Great Vajra Palm had hit Austin. To obliterate Austin's existence entirely, he ordered his Great Vajra Palm to hit Austin even harder.

"I don't think you can withstand this forever. Show me how many blows you can sustain, you fool! Here, have a taste of this!"

Gathering all his energy in the Great Vajra Palm, he flung it fiercely towards Austin.

This time, the blow was aimed directly at Austin's head.

Hurriedly, Austin lifted his arms and attempted to block the palm from hitting him. The blow hit his hands loudly and it reverberated around the ring.

The force of the palm made Austin stagger backwards. The palm was so terrible in its strength that it reduced the battle ring to dust. The arena began wobbling, as if a deadly earthquake had struck.

Unfortunately, another blow was already on its way.

Austin barely had time to recover from the first attack, and he still had his arms above his head when another strike fell.

This strike was harder, and Austin was thrown away to the edge of the ring. As he fell, a massive crater was formed. However, Austin wasn't injured. Reacting instinctively, he stood up and jumped into the battle ring. As a rule, no player was supposed to step out of the battle ring—otherwise he would be adjudged as a loser.

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