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   Chapter 407 Secret Elixir Skill

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In the battle ring, Austin stood across from Owen.

Owen was a good-looking guy. He was dressed in pale yellow clothes that complemented his fair skin and he carried a defiant look in his eyes.

Looking at Austin askance, he began, "Life is precious, and I don't like killing.

But you're an exception. I'll take your life in the battle ring."

"Will you? Have I ever messed with you? It seems like it's our first meeting," Austin responded.

Owen's statement had left him rather confused.

"No, you have never offended me.

But you're Carrie's enemy.

Carrie is a principal disciple of Flaming Sun Valley. She and I are in love and we'll get married once we get permission from our parents.

You messed with the Flaming Sun Valley. She asked me to show you no mercy if you happened to be my opponent.

To make her happy, I have to break my rule," Owen explained flatly.

'Flaming Sun Valley again!

Looks like Flaming Sun Valley is one of the most prominent sects of the Violet Orchid Empire and has huge influence here. I did have some conflicts with Flaming Sun Valley. Apart from the disciples of the Flaming Sun Valley, other cultivators who got involved with this sect tried to get me in trouble, '

Austin brooded, shaking his head resignedly.

He laughed, but stopped a few moments later.

"It turns out you are trying to please a woman. You're really a gentleman. But don't flatter yourself. I initially planned to let you live after I brought you down because you never upset me. But what a pity! You're involved with people from the Flaming Sun Valley. I swore that I will kill anyone who has something to do with the Flaming Sun Valley or the Blood Wolf Team during the tournament. So I'm sorry but I can't keep you alive," Austin finally snapped.

They had started arguing with each other even before they had started fighting. It now looked like they would be locked in a fierce battle.

"You're just a loser! Do you think you're invincible just because you defeated several weak cultivators? It's ridiculous! I'l


He exerted the Wind-commanding Skill to chase after Owen when his single stride was up to 200 meters long.

However, Owen's speed was boosted by his Teleportation Elixir. As a result, Austin failed to punch his opponent several times, despite using his 15, 000-pound force. Loud noises reverberated throughout the battle ring.

"I'll give you my final strike," Owen declared.

He started to give off a herbal scent.

"The third secret elixir—Savage and Devil Power Elixir!

The fourth secret elixir—Heaven and Earth Burning Elixir! This could burn the target!

I'll display a martial arts skill— The Great Vajra Palm!"

A large hand that was as heavy as a mountain appeared over Austin's head. It possessed an overwhelming power, and there was a fire burning under its palm.

In the auditorium.

"Things have gotten interesting. The Great Vajra Palm is a common martial skill. But Owen has used secret elixirs to improve it.

And this skill's power has now doubled.

Owen is really a genius. He took advantage of two secret elixirs to enhance the power of a martial skill. He deserves his reputation. He is really something.

There is no doubt that Owen will be the winner.

There is only one thing I am curious about. I'd like to see whether Austin can survive this," a powerful elder speculated, with a gleam in his eyes.

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