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   Chapter 406 The Genius Of The Gongsun Clan

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In the third round, Austin had an odd opponent. The young woman had a harp in her arms. Nevertheless, Austin defeated her and qualified for promotion.

The fourth round of the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games was up next.

The third round saw about 300 players participating, out of which 150 qualified for the next round.

The Imperial Warfare Field was the biggest in the entire country and consisted of a 100 battle rings. This meant that all the 150 players could compete at the same time.

The fourth round began and the number plates of the players who were yet undefeated lit up.

Then, the teleportation array began which would assign the fixtures to the players. Flashes of swishing noises echoed in the stadium, as all the players were transported to the rings assigned to them.

There were only 50 spaces in the next round. This meant that the 150 players were determined to make it into those final places, and the competition gained a sense of momentum and prestige.

Each and every player was ready to play to his strongest strengths and give it all.

Austin stood in the ring and looked across the battle ring watching his opponent calmly.

On the other end was an aristocratic handsome man in a yellow shirt, the fragrance of the elixir nauseating everyone that stood near him.

"Aha, Austin, I hadn't expected that it would be you who I'd face in this round.

I'm Owen from the Gongsun Clan. You must have heard of it.

I did follow your performances in the previous rounds. Sure, you have the potential to be in the top 50 players of the competition.

But unfortunately, destiny has decided this is the end of your journey, coz I'm your opponent. I will defeat you," Owen said with an air of superiority. He said all this matter-of-factly, as if him defeating Austin was the preordained truth.

Austin couldn't help himself and burst into laughter. "This guy has clearly counted his chickens before they've even hatched," he thought.

"Oh? You don't seem to be in agreement.

Let me put it this way:

The Gongsun Clan, as you know, is famous for its alchemy and its magical prowess.

I am the most astute genius in this generation of the Gongsun Clan!

The ance


Austin's surprisingly strong performances made Theon feel very remorseful. If he had known that Austin had such great potential, he would have persuaded Dwayne and Abbott to keep Austin in the Sun Sect at the Sun Mountain. Austin would have now been fighting on behalf of the Sun Sect if Theon had just taken that extra step.

Suddenly he felt that it was worth offending the Flaming Sun Valley and the Bloody Wolf Team if they could have the fortune of having such a gifted disciple.

For a sect, a young talent such as Austin was worth its weight in gold.

Someone in the audience exclaimed excitedly, "Aha. Owen is in the ring now."

An old man with white hair and ruddy complexion surrounded by wisps of purple clouds exuded a strong flavor of the elixir. When the martial arts fanatics in the audience had a whiff of the fragrance of the elixir, they felt oddly refreshed. Their minds became particularly flexible, and their inner vitality became fluid.

The audience was amazed. "The Gongsun Clan is famous for its elixir refining. Now, it seems that they really are worthy of their reputation," someone declared.

"Owen will have to watch out this time though. His opponent is Austin. Austin is indeed a young man with substantial strength. Although, Austin has a much tougher task cut out. It'll be difficult for him to beat Owen. As a silver lining though, at least Austin would come out of this alive. Owen hates killing his opponents!"

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