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   Chapter 405 Digging Her Own Grave

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9854

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In the battle ring, Austin was up against Carolyn, whose main weapon was a harp. Right now she was using the Omen Array. It was a sound wave skill that combined music and vital energy to combat. The musical notes emerging from the harp formed a giant topping of 300 feet. The giant took a motion towards Austin whilst creating an ambiance to express strength.

This amused Austin. He thought, 'Wow! That is some amazing sound wave skill she is using. Moments ago, she controlled nine lions and now this giant.'

Evidently, the giant had magnanimous amount of force and energy. Austin did not have time to think about anything else. He had to fight against it. His level 7 sword intent turned into seven streaks of sword radiance. Then those streaks of sword radiance flew towards the giant like beautiful shooting stars.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Went the streaks!

Austin was now controlling the streaks of the sword radiance so that he could cut the giant's huge body into pieces and finish it.

"Argh!" roared the giant.

It seemed that the giant knew what the sword radiance was doing and that it was fighting against the enemy. So it quickly created some magical clouds which tried to wrap up the streaks of sword radiance.

This sudden change of situation took Carolyn by surprise. She was unaware of Austin's mastery over sword intent.

Earlier when Austin fought Braxton, he found out that his level 7 sword intent was nothing compared to Braxton's level 7 spear intent. But it was during this fight that Austin had learned a lot about sword intent. He knew exactly when and how to use sword intent to exploit the maximum power. This was why his level 7 sword intent had this mastery and power than what it used to be during the battle with Braxton.

While the sword intent dealt with giant, Austin moved to the left side of the giant using Wind-commanding Skill, leaving an afterimage. Raising his fist, he threw a powerful punch at the giant. His fist's strength reached to 15, 000 pounds now.

"Argh!" thundered the giant.

It raised its big foot to land on Austin. The foot was naturally humongous, and if by chance Austin fell under it, he would turn into minced meat for sure.


Without giving a second chance to Austin, the giant's foot landed on him with a loud noise. The impact of the attack shook the whole battle ring vigorously. Carolyn witnessed the whole episode with her own eyes.

She was extremely excited to see this and smiled broadly. She had been under a lot of pressure after Austin managed to break her Nine-lion Magical Sound Array.

She had already resorted to the final skill she could use, and that was the Omen Array. It was the strongest sound wave skill she mastered, and it required a lot of vital energy. Had Austin broken the Omen Array, she would have to submit and accept the defeat.

Surprisingly, Carolyn saw the giant effortl

being perforated, Austin's body trembled a bit and vanished off in the air.


It was Austin's afterimage! Yet again Carolyn was defeated by Austin's skills.

In reality, with his spiritual sense, Austin realized beforehand what Carolyn was planning to do. The moment he left the ring, he sensed that Carolyn adjusted her harp to attack him. He instantly took the required measures.

Using the Wind-commanding Skill, Austin came over to her.

Austin could reach a distance of 200 meters with just one step. He was about 150 meters away from Carolyn. As a result, he stood next to her at just the blink of an eye.

"You asked for this!"

Austin said coldly. It was then that Carolyn noticed him right next to her.

"No..." she shouted shrilly in terror.

However, Austin had no more compassion left for this woman and he threw a punch at her head, smashing it into little pieces. Carolyn's head exploded as if it were a watermelon, and her brains scattered everywhere.

There was not a single noise in the audience. Everyone silently witnessed the horrific attack.

Everyone was taken aback by the scene.

However, no one had any reason to blame Austin, as Carolyn instigated it and dug her own grave.

"No! Carolyn!" shrieked a man in the audience. His eyes were burning in fury.

"Austin, you are a dead man!" he cursed through his gritted teeth.

Austin nonchalantly went back to where his companions were waiting.


Dewey came towards Austin with a flattering smile.

"You were amazing! Austin, I didn't expect you to be this strong and ruthless. Austin, you are my boss from now on honestly.

I really admire you..."

"Just stop it, Dewey. You are flattering me way too much," said Austin as he tried to pull away from him. He felt a little uncomfortable by his flattery.

"Austin, you really are something!"

Maria was full of awe as she stared at Austin with admiration.

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