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   Chapter 404 Nine-lion Magical Sound Array

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In the third round of the competition, Austin was pitted in front of a young lady who was holding a harp in her arms. She looked very graceful and well-bred from her manners.

"You don't have to greet me so politely. I'm your foe, not your friend."

Austin cleared his throat and told her. He was a little uneasy after seeing the gracious way in which the woman had greeted him.

"That doesn't matter. I was born in a rich, noble family, and I have learned the etiquette that a woman should possess from a very young age. I am used to it now.

To be frank, even outside the battle ring, we will still be enemies. Because Raymond of the Flaming Sun Valley is my cousin," the woman replied. Her name was Carolyn, and she was here to take revenge for her cousin, Raymond.

'Oh? Raymond is her cousin? Since I killed her cousin, it's no wonder she said that we would be enemies even outside the battle ring. Right. So, the etiquette she showed me just now was out of habit and not out of respect for me. Heck! I was almost taken in by her manners! Since Raymond is her cousin, she is sure to be trying to kill me, ' Austin thought.

"I'm ready. Let's start! Remember Austin. I won't pull my punches!" Carolyn warned him.

She flicked her hand, and then the harp hung itself in front of her automatically. She plucked the strings hard and quickly with her slender fingers.

"Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!". .

Each time she plucked the string, a visible note formed and rushed out from it. It was as if the sound coming was not only audible, but also visible.

Soon, several hundred hammer-shaped tones had formed and rose into the air, carrying an overwhelming momentum with them. They seemed to be following a specific order.

"Nine-lion Magical Sound Array!"

Carolyn shouted, and the notes changed form and morphed into nine lions. They rushed toward Austin with tremendous roars.


That's amazing!"

The crowd whooped. They were shocked that the young woman was able to produce powerful lions just by playing the harp and then have them form a magic array.

Most spectators hadn't seen such skill before, so they were both surprised and excited now.

The lions that had morphed out of the

t then, "Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble. .."

Before she knew it, Austin had crushed all the other eight lions with his fist too.

He looked so mighty, like a god of martial arts who had landed on earth.

When the lions beat him just now, Austin had merely strode backwards a few paces and hadn't been injured in any way.

All the spectators were stunned.

They looked at each other, eyes filled with surprise.

"Wow! Austin is really good at his physical defense! He seems to be completely safe and sound after being hit by those lions. You know, each of those lions is as powerful as a cultivator at the medium stage of the Earth Realm."

The emperor couldn't help but praise Austin.

After recovering from the shock of her first defeat, Carolyn quickly plucked the strings again and a magical melody immediately rang in the battle ring once again.

"Omen Array!"

she cried out furiously. As the melody blended with her vital energy, a giant, about 300 feet high, appeared inside the battle ring.

He looked like an extremely powerful demon, and seemed to be stepping on magic clouds. His head seemed to be approaching the sky. His fingers were as sharp as hooks, and they looked like they could easily split mountains into confetti and destroyed everything in its way.

He rushed toward Austin with his long legs, which looked like two huge tree trunks. The ground of the battle ring shook violently underneath him like there was an earthquake

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