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   Chapter 403 A Reward Of Twenty Million Vital Energy Crystals

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A man was seated in the corner of the auditorium. His cold eyes, filled with killing intent, landed on Austin who was in the resting area for the contestants.

The man was Abbott, head of the Blood Wolf Team. Many of his teammates had signed up for the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games––an excellent opportunity for all the sects in the Violet Orchid Empire. He was serious about this match and wished his men could break in the top fifty so that they could enter the Mysterious Nether World.

Abbott closely watched Austin's matches with furrowed eyebrows. He wanted to observe the lad's performance to see how powerful he could be. The more powerful Austin was, the more significant trouble the Blood Wolf Team's members were in. If Abbott wouldn't do something about Austin, he would be a big threat to him and his comrades in the near future.

"Darcy, have you spread the news about a bounty on Austin's head?"

Abbott asked a thin man beside him.

"Sir, we've delivered the message secretly. Now, all the contestants must have heard about the news.

This is the highest reward we've ever offered. I'm sure all these cultivators must be eager to take Austin's life.

No one could surely resist the temptation of such a significant amount of money," Darcy whispered in Abbott's ear.

"I see. Austin is a powerful cultivator. I guess only a few contestants would be able to kill him.

I hope a strong cultivator will be willing to take him down for twenty million vital energy crystals.

The perfect person for the job is Leo from the Peripatetic Sect. If he is willing to do so, Austin is as good as dead," Abbott explained in a deep voice, hopeful that the bounty would lure someone to kill Austin.

"Sir, Leo's cultivation base is high, but he is still a principal disciple. Twenty million vital energy crystals are already a big sum of money for any sect disciples.

I guess he'll accept the mission for the bounty.

If that happens, Austin is surely doomed."

"I hope so."

Even after hearing Darcy's reassuring re

ook shone in Maria's beautiful eyes as she heard Austin's unbothered remarks. Her intuition told her that Austin was a mysterious yet powerful cultivator.

Several hours later, the second round of tryout was over.

Half of the contestants were eliminated, and there were still over three hundred left.

After a half-hour break, the third round started.

The contestants prepared themselves for more intense battles. All of them were aware that they were going to encounter more powerful opponents for the weak ones had already been eliminated.

It also meant that they needed to go all out to defeat their fierce competitors.

All the contestants drew lots. In the first leg of the third round, Maria was chosen to fight while Austin wasn't. After a few seconds, she was sent up in the battle ring.

Maria easily defeated her opponent with her two flexible silk ribbons.

After that, Austin's number plate glowed, signaling that it was his turn.


Before Austin could even realize anything, he was already in the No. 20 battle ring.

His opponent was a woman, about twenty-seven years old. She had a pair of thick eyebrows, tall nose, and small rosy lips. Her skin was also fair and smooth.

She exuded an elegant vibe as a harp rested on her hands. The woman slightly bowed to Austin, greeting her opponent most gracefully.

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