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   Chapter 402 Braxton Humiliated

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What had happened in the battle ring between Austin and Braxton had attracted everyone's attention. After Austin had destroyed Braxton's right shoulder with a heavy punch, he knelt down before Austin and begged for mercy.

His action caused an uproar among the audience. Jeers and laughter prevailed across the martial arts performing community that was present there.

The Sun Sect was one of the five major sects of the Violet Orchid Empire, and its disciples had always been proud of their identities. But a principal disciple of the sect begging for mercy publicly before his opponent was now causing shame to the sect.

At this moment, disciples of other sects, especially those who had disputes with the Sun Sect, were taking the opportunity to kick up a fuss. Humiliating jibes could be heard across the audience.

The disciples of Sun Sect flushed with shame, wishing that the ground would swallow them.

Theon, the Sect Leader, and an Elder were leading the Sun Sect in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games.

Sitting beside Emperor Arthur, Theon shook his head, disappointed at the ludicrous performance that Braxton had put up.

During these past years, Braxton had performed well in the Sun Sect and stood out among the principal disciples, which had made Theon notice him.

After vigorous training that hadn't given thought to the cost of the resources, Braxton had now broken through to the premium stage of Earth Realm, the highest cultivation level among the principal disciples of the sect.

But it looked like he was physically strong but mentally and emotionally weak. His action of begging for mercy had now humiliated the entire Sun Sect. …… ……

In the battle ring, Braxton was still doubling over, begging and crying. The marble floor of the battle ring had already made his forehead bleed.

He had no strength left to continue the fight with Austin, who could kill him in an instant right now if he wanted. Braxton's desire for life had defeated everything else, including dignity, character, and fame. They were no longer important to him.

"I've never expected that there would be such a waste of space like you in the Sun Sect. You have humiliated the entire Sect

tle. Then, after dissolving the opponent's defenses, he transformed himself into a strong meatball carrying a lot of vital energy force at lightning speed, and slammed his opponent into a meat mud in a flash.

Now, many participants had their attention fixed on Dewey as well. They had become wary of him, knowing that this fat man who looked kind, had been concealing his real strength all this while.

Maria's victory was also easy. Her weapon was two long silk clothes made of a special material. In the battle ring, she whipped the two silk clothes into numerous overlapping circles, turning the whole battle ring into a sea of silk. Her opponent's offensives couldn't take effect on these soft silks, like a punch hitting swathes of cotton.

This round saw several new martial artists showcasing their skills apart from recognized masters like Leo.

A girl with a mysterious background formed a beam of sword aura from her right index finger, which could twist the space to easily break her opponents' attacks and force them to admit defeat.

An elegant young woman dressed in white formed a substantive musical note that carried vital energy by gently plucking the strings on her instrument. It gradually enlarged and turned into a hammer, slamming her opponents into meat paste.

And a handsome and dignified man in yellow released an exaggeratedly heavy smell of herbs. He transformed a herbal pot and slammed his opponents into meat mud as well.

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