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   Chapter 401 Punching Braxton

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Austin didn't elude the attack. He growled fiercely, his voice loud as a thunderbolt. He looked as formidable as an Arhat. Using the mighty force pouring out of his body, he threw a fierce punch at the spearhead being thrust at him.

A humming sound greeted everyone's ears.

Austin's attack had caused the spear to twist into a bow, astonishing Braxton greatly.

With his fist against the spearhead, Austin gave Braxton no chance to harm him.

With each step that Austin took, Braxton's spear was twisted further and further.

Braxton poured all of his vital energy into his spear, wanting to knock Austin backward. But no matter how hard he tried, it was all in vain.

Austin's fist was as hard as iron and steel. Braxton's spear was quite sharp and glittered coldly, but it was unable to hurt Austin in the slightest.

Braxton held the spear tightly, putting all his strength into it. His face went red because of the overexertion.

Austin, on the other hand, was calm. He pressed against the spear as he walked closer to Braxton, sneering. He looked relaxed, as if he wasn't in battle, but on a walk after dinner.

Several clicks sounded.

Braxton's spear was twisted so much that a crack appeared in the middle and the spear looked almost sheared off. This wasn't what Braxton had been expecting.

And then, in the blink of an eye, the spear broke into two parts.

"It's time to send you to heaven," Austin said coldly.

His voice seemed to come from the depths of hell, striking a chill into the bones of the listeners. The air was filled with the scent of death.

Braxton trembled in fear.


I can't die now!

It wasn't easy for me to become a principal disciple of the Sun Sect.

of it. Is it the remains of the ancient ones?"

Emperor Arthur muttered to himself, shocked at Austin's abilities.

It was not to say that Austin's fighting ability was better than Emperor Arthur's.

Emperor Arthur was of the Sky Realm, much superior to those of the Mysterious Realm.

Austin's winning the battle was impressive, but it was still easy for a master like Emperor Arthur, who was at the Sky Realm, to smash Austin to pieces.

What surprised Emperor Arthur was the skills that Austin had learned from the Golden Sun Scripture.

Emperor Arthur surmised that the Golden Sun Scripture was advanced and more powerful than what he was learning.

It obviously meant that Austin had had a remarkable encounter with the Scripture.


Theon was so stunned when Austin had defeated Braxton that he had stood up from his seat. He had mixed feelings about how the battle had ended.

Braxton was the most powerful among the representatives of the Sun Sect. It had once looked promising for him, for he had been about to enter the Mysterious Nether World. But Austin had finally crippled him in just one punch.

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